Fourth race

The fourth race
The fourth race

Beginning of the Fourth Race
The fourth Radical Race – Atlanta – began the existence about 4-5 million years ago. During that era the Third Race already tended to the decline: the most part of the enormous continent Lemuriya still existed. New great Race arose where now there is approximately a middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Then in this place there was a congestion of many islands; eventually they rose and turned into the great continent – Atlantis. People of the Fourth Race came from selection gathered from the seventh subrace of the Third Race. The first Atlanta were growth below Lemuriytsev, but nevertheless were giants – reached three with a half meters. With a current of the millennia their growth gradually decreased. Skin color of the first subrace was dark red, and the second – red-brown. It is possible to call a condition of the first Atlases infantile: their consciousness did not reach the level of the last subraces Lemuriytsev. Therefore their development happened under the direct guide of the Great Mentors of mankind who endowed with his mind in the Third Race. Hierarches of the Great Brotherhood were embodied among the first Atlases in the person of their Governors. From the Divine Teachers of Atlanta leading them apprehended belief in existence of the Highest Space Being, the getting all real. The cult of the Sun as a symbol of this highest concept was so established. For its glorification of Atlanta rose by tops of mountains. There they constructed similarity of the circles representing annual rotation of the Sun from integral stones. These stones were located in such a way that for this purpose who became before an altar in the center of a circle, the Sun appeared during a summer solstice behind one stone, and during the vernal equinox – behind another. The same circles of stones served also for other astronomical observations concerning the remote constellations.
Blossoming of Atlantis
The third subrace of Atlases – Toltecs – reached top of development of the Race. They were high growth too – reached two and a half meters; over time their growth decreased, having reached human height of our days. Skin color of this subrace was copper-colored. Their features were correct. Descendants of Toltecs are thoroughbred representatives of Peruvians and Aztecs, and also red-skinned Indians of Northern and Southern America. About 1 million years ago when the Atlantic Race was in all the blossoming, the continent of Atlantis occupied the most part of the Atlantic Ocean, the northern suburb Atlantis stretched for several degrees to the east of Iceland, including Scotland, Ireland and a northern part of England, and southern – to the most southern tropic (approximately to that place where now there is Rio de Janeiro), including Texas, Mexico, the Mexican passage and a part of the USA and Labrador. The equatorial areas included Brazil and all space of the ocean to the Gold coast of Africa. The present Azores were inaccessible snow tops of the highest mountain ridge of the continent of Atlantis. There were such separate, as if torn off from Atlantis, parts in the form of islands of various form which turned subsequently into continents of Europe, America and Africa. Toltecs created the most powerful empire among the people of Atlantis. Approximately about one million years ago after long intercommunity wars certain tribes united in one big federation at the head of which there was an emperor. There came time of the world and prosperity of all Race. During many thousands of years Toltecs over all continents of Atlantis reigned, having achieved huge power and wealth. The “City of the Gold Gate” located in east part of Atlantis was the residence of emperors whose power extended to all continent and even to islands. During all this era the devoted leaders always kept in contact with intimate Hierarchy, submitted to its instructions and acted agrees with its plans. The investigation of it that era was the Golden Age of Atlantis. Management was fair and salutary, arts and sciences prospered. Heads of the country, using intimate knowledge, achieved unusual results. During that era the culture and a civilization of Atlantis reached the culmination point. During a blossoming era under the influence of emperors-adherents the people reached the most true and true understanding of the Divine idea. The symbol was the only form by means of which it was possible to approach the idea of that essence of Space which, being inexpressible, gets everything. Thus, the symbol of the Sun was apprehended and understood by one of the first. The cult of Fire and a cult of the Sun became famous in the magnificent temples towering throughout the continent of Atlantis, especially in the city of the Gold Gate. In those days any images of the Deity were forbidden. The disk of the Sun was the only emblem, worthy to represent the Deity head, and this image was in each temple. This gold disk usually was located so that the first beam of the Sun lit up it during the vernal equinox or a summer solstice.
Culture and civilization of Atlases
Sciences and arts reached the maximum development in tolteksky subrace. Any of other subraces of Atlantis could not be compared to Toltecs. Writing was invented by Atlases and was applied by them. They wrote on thin metal leaflets which surface reminded white porcelain. They were able to reproduce and make multiple copies the text. Schools of an era of blossoming were two categories: initial where trained in reading and the letter, and special where children aged … years, the shown special talents were translated. At these higher schools it gained more extensive knowledge. Here the botany, chemistry, mathematics and astronomy were studied. Great attention was paid to that each educated person knew in general medicine and ways of treatment by magnetism. All sciences passed in school differently, than at us. Development of the hidden mental forces of the pupil and in this regard – experimental acquaintance to secret forces of nature was the main task of the teacher. Here acquaintance to intimate features of plants, metals and gemstones, and also chemical process of a transmutation of metals entered. Most of people had then ability of management of mental forces. Especially outstanding persons studied at the higher schools or universities where specially were engaged in development of the hidden individual forces. The questions concerning one of the main branches of life of Toltecs – agriculture and agriculture were in detail studied at the higher schools. Here learned to part special breeds of animals and to grow up special plant varieties and cereals. Oats and some other grades of cereals are result of crossing of wheat with various herbs growing in a natural look on our planet. Wheat is not a product of our world – it was brought by Teachers of wisdom from other planet. All skilled researches in this area were made at agronomical schools of Atlantis. One of results of these researches was amazing modification of banana which in a wild state was almost without pulp and as a melon it is full of stones. Only after many centuries, and maybe the millennia, the huge number of inoculations and special conditions of cultivation gave that fruit without stones which we know now. At many experiences of crossing and cultivation of new breeds of animals and plants Toltecs used use of artificial heat and the painted light. From pets Toltecs parted a special species of the pigs similar to little tapirs; big animals similar to cats; ancestors of a dog with wolf appearance. As milch animals they had the special appearance of the cattle similar to camels, but less their growth. Lamas come from Peru from these animals. The wise Management of Hierarchy affected also in an outline of the main types of vegetable and animal kingdoms which undergo the evolution of a form and consciousnesses by means of direct influence from the person. For example, development of a form of such noble animal as a horse was result of many experiments which the person of that time conducted on tracings of Hierarchy and means of her assistants – devoted. In agriculture the great value was attached to astronomy which at that time was not abstract knowledge. The intimate influences influencing life of plants and animals were also a studying subject, and Atlanta were able to use this knowledge. The way to cause at will a rain was known too. As for art development, music, even during a blossoming era, was very imperfect; the form of musical instruments was absolutely primitive. Painting too never reached high extent of development. The sculpture, on the contrary, reached high degree of perfection. Everyone who had means or an opportunity considered a duty to put in the temple the sculptural image from the tree or a stone reminding basalt. Richer citizens cast the images from gold, silver or an orikhalk. The architecture was the main branch of art at that time. Live houses, even in the cities, were surrounded with gardens. The tower towering at the corner or in the center of the building was characteristic feature of the house of Toltecs. The tower came to an end with a peaked dome and served ordinary as observatory. Facades of buildings were decorated with frescos, a sculpture or color ornaments. Atlases loved bright paints and painted the houses from within and outside. The special substance similar to glass, but less transparent, passed light in an interior of houses. Public buildings and temples struck with the massiveness and the huge sizes. Temples consisted of the huge halls similar to huge halls of Egypt, but even more grandiose sizes. As well as private dwellings, temples were decorated with towers, ornaments and frescos which corresponded to their wealth. Towers served as observatories and for a cult of the Sun. Temples and public buildings were decorated with art incrustations and plates of gold. The constructions which had public value ordinary consisted of four buildings surrounding the central yard in the middle of which the fountain beat. The capital of Atlantis, the City of the Gold Gate, was located on hill slopes at the sea coast. The area covered with the magnificent woods like the park surrounded the city. The mountain chain which is nearby gave to the city water. At top of the hill the palace of the emperor surrounded with a garden through which the stream supplying with water at first the imperial palace and garden fountains proceeded towered. Then it was overthrown by cascades in a reservoir like the ditch surrounding the territory of the palace, separating it thus from the city which was located below. Four channels following from this ditch delivered water to the city and fed the ring channels located below which there were three. External of them, located below others, still towered over the surrounding plain. The fourth channel was already on the plain, collecting all running together waters and, in turn, overthrowing them in the sea. Thus, the city was divided through channels into three concentric belts. In the most top of them adjoining directly the territory of the palace racetracks and huge public gardens were located. The most part of government agencies was in this belt. In the same place there was a building for foreigners the real palace in which all foreigners visiting the city for all the time of stay used hospitality. Private houses and temples occupied the following two belts. On the extensive plain country houses – residences of a rich class were stretched everywhere. Rather poor part of the population lived in the region of the lower belt, and also on that side of the external canal, by the sea. Their houses pressed close to each other more closely. In days of the greatest blossoming the City of the Golden Gate totaled more than two million inhabitants. And total number of the population of all Atlantis during an era of blossoming of Tolteksky subrace reached two billion. Atlases used the advanced equipment. They carried out the idea of the aircraft or the flying car. Usually cars accomodated no more than two people, but some could accept to 6 and even 8 people. For a construction of aircrafts used special mix from three metals. This white metal mix was very expensive. The surface of the aircraft became covered by sheets of this metal. Aircrafts of Atlantis sparkled in the dark as though were covered with brilliant plaster. They had a ship appearance with the closed deck. Air sort was motive force. In the center of the vessel the box serving as the generator of this force was located. From there it was given by means of two pipes to vessel extremities. Eight additional departed from these pipes down. When lifting the vessel valves of the last opened. Current, passing on these pipes, hit against the earth with such force that the vessel rose up, and as a further point of support served the density of air. The most part of current went on the main pipe which end was turned at the end of the vessel from top to bottom, forming at the same time a corner about 45 degrees. This pipe served for take-off and along with it made the movement of the vessel. Atlases had as well the sea vessels set in motion by force it is similar described above; in this case driving force was more dense structure Later when wars and internicine quarrelings put an end to the Golden Age, the warships intended for air swimming replaced with themselves in large part sea, then their began to build as military transports so they accomodated also up to hundred fighters.
Decline of Atlantis
About about 1000 000 years after the Golden Age decline of great Race of Atlases began. At the time of the Third Race zveropodoby “mind deprived” it was shown in generation of huge humanoid monsters – posterities of human and animal parents. In process of passing of time the posterity of these creatures changed owing to external conditions, so far, at last, these generations did not decrease in sizes and kulminirovat in the lowest monkeys of the Miotsensky period. With these monkeys the latest Atlanta renewed a sin “mind deprived” – this time with full responsibility. Their crimes were result of the monkey known as anthropoids. Moral degradation was followed by falling spiritual. Egoism got the best, and wars put an end to the Golden Age. People instead of working for the general advantage under the leadership of Great Mentors in cooperation with space forces of nature, fell into madness of self-destruction. Following an example of the owners, animals started tormenting each other too. This immoral impact of the person on animals stretches and up to now. Breeds of the big cats trained by Atlases and adapted by them for hunting which turned into blood-thirsty leopards and jaguars eventually can be an example of this circumstance. Each person began to fight then only for himself, to utilize the knowledge for purely egoistical and began to believe that in the Universe there is nothing above the person. Everyone was for itself(himself) the law, the god. Then the cult which was becoming famous in temples did not belong more to an inexpressible ideal, but became a cult of the person, it what it is what it was understood. Atlases began to create the images – by an example and the similarity – and worshipped of the Statue were cut from an izverzhenny lava, from white marble of mountains and from a black underground stone, and also cast from silver and gold. The niches comprising such statues were cut from a tree and a stone and fixed into walls of temples. These niches were under construction quite extensive, such that the procession of priests during the celebrations in honor of this person could bypass around his image. So people worshipped themselves. Most the rich kept the whole staff of priests to serve this cult and to care for an altar in which there were statues. A sacrifice as to gods was made to them. The deification of worship of could not be big. Kings, most of clergy and a considerable part of the people began to use intimate forces, without reckoning with the laws ordered Devoted thoughtlessly scorning their opinion and instructions. Communication with Hierarchy was interrupted. Personal interests, thirst of wealth and the power, ruin and extermination of enemies for the purpose of enrichment more and more seized consciousness of masses. The intimate knowledge directed aside, opposite to the evolution purposes towards egoism and not goodwill, turned into black magic and sorcery. The luxury, an atrocity and barbarity increased even more until brutal instincts began to work undividedly. Sorcerers and adherents of powers of darkness widely extended black magic and number of the people who comprehended and applying it, incessantly increased.

Death of Atlantis

When the perversion of evolutionary laws reached the apogee and the city of the Gold Gate became hell on the cruelty, the first awful accident shook all continent. The capital was swept away by ocean waves, millions of people were destroyed. Were repeatedly warned about this accident both the emperor, and priests who disappeared from the Highest Hierarchy. Under the influence of the Light Forces expecting accident, the best part of the people emigrated from this area before accident. It were the most developed members of Race who did not give in to the general madness which knew the law of the world, kept the correct understanding of responsibility and control over mental forces. This first accident happened during the Miocene era, about 800000 years ago. It considerably changed distribution of sushi on the globe. The big Atlantic Ocean lost the polar regions, and its middle part decreased and shattered. The American continent during this era separated the passage from Atlantis which generated it; the last stretched across the Atlantic Ocean, occupying space from the 50th degree of northern latitude to several degrees to the South from the equator. There were such considerable lowerings and raisings of the continent and in other parts of the world. So, from the come-off northeast part of Atlantis, the enormous area was formed; the islands of Great Britain made a part of the huge island covering Scandinavia, the North of France and all next seas surrounding them. Lemuriya’s remains still decreased whereas future territories of Europe, America and Africa considerably extended. The second, less considerable, accident occurred about 200 000 years ago. The continent of Atlantis was separated on two islands: the northern, big, being called the Rue, and southern, smaller, being called Laitiya. The island Scandinavia then joined the European continent. There were also some changes and on the continent of America, and also flooding of Egypt. After accident of effort of the Light Forces operating under guidance of Hierarchy, still some time yielded good results and influenced abstention of the saved population from occupations black magic, but subrace of Toltecs could never reach former gloss any more. Later descendants of Toltecs on the lake. A rue repeated history of the ancestors in a miniature. Governors and their dynasty reached the known power again and reigned over the most part of the island. Subsequently this dynasty fell also under influence of black magic which extended more and more and brought to space again – the inevitable accident which cleared the world for its further evolutionary development. There was a third accident on force and brightness exceeding all others about 80 000 years ago. Laitiya almost absolutely disappeared, meanwhile as from the island the Rue the insignificant remains – the lake Poseydonis remained. During the specified era and before disappearance of the lake Poseydonisa nevertheless in some part of the continent the emperor from a light dynasty always reigned. He acted under guidance of Hierarchy and opposed to distribution of powers of darkness, led the minority observing pure and sublime life. Before accidents there was always an emigration of the best minority. The spiritual leaders expecting the disaster threatening to the country directed these emigrations. The devoted kings and teachers following “the good law” were warned about the approaching accidents in advance. They were as if the center of prophetical preventions and saved the right chosen tribes. Such migrations happened secretly, under cover of night. In the 9567th year BC powerful earthquakes destroyed the lake Poseydonis and the island plunged into the sea, having created the huge wave which flooded lowlands, having left behind memory in minds of people as about huge destructive “flood”. Here one of legends on the last days lake Poseydonisa. Also the Great Tsar Blistayushchego Lika, the Head of all zheltoliky mourned, seeing sins chernoliky. Also it sent the air ships (vimana) with благочестивысм people in them to all Brothers Governors, heads of other people and tribes, speaking: “Prepare. Rise you, people of the Kind Law and be transported through the earth while it is still dry. Lords of a storm approach. Their chariots approach Earth. Only only one night and two days will be lived by Lords of a dark face (sorcerers) on this patient earth. She is condemned, and they have to be overthrown together with her. Lords Ogney Nedr are gnomes and spontaneous Spirits Ognya – produce the magic fiery armor. But lords of an evil eye are stronger, than spontaneous Spirits, and they are slaves powerful. They are omniscient in Astra-Widija, in magic art. Rise and use the magic forces to resist to forces of sorcerers. Let Each Lord Blistayushchego Lika (The adherent of white Magic) will force a viman of each Lord of a dark face to get to its possession that any of sorcerers could not, thanks to it to escape from waters, to avoid a staff of Four Karmic Deities and to save their angry followers. Let each yellow-faced will send a dream on each chernoliky. Even if sorcerers avoid pains and sufferings. Let each person, faithful to Solar Gods, will paralyze each person, faithful to lunar gods that he did not suffer and avoided the fate. And let everyone a yellow face will give the water of life (blood) to the speaking animals belonging to a black face that they did not wake the owner”. (The speaking animal – amazingly skillfully made animal somewhat similar to creation of Frankestein who spoke and warned the owner about each coming danger. The owner was “magician”, and the mechanical being was animated by the genie, an element. Only blood of the pure person could destroy it.) Time has come,, Black night is ready … “Yes their destiny will come true. We are servants of Great Four Karmic Gods. Yes Tsars Sveta will come back”. The great Tsar fell to the Shining Face and vozrydat. When Tsars gathered, waters already moved. But the people already crossed dry lands. They were already outside water level. Tsars overtook them in the viman and led them in Earth Ognya and Metal (The East and the North). Meteors fell heavy rain to the ground chernoliky, but they slept. The speaking animals (magic guards) were quiet. Lords of a subsoil expected orders, but they did not come because the lords them slept. Waters rose and covered valleys from one end of Earth to another. Plateaus remained dry and Earth bosom too. There those who escaped lived: people of a yellow face and direct eye (open and sincere people). When Lords of the dark person woke up and remembered the viman to escape from the rising waters, but those disappeared. The taken-away people were as numerous as Stars of the Milky Way. Just as the serpent Dragon slowly develops the body, so the Sons of people who are taken away by Sons of Wisdom developed the ranks and extended like the rushing stream of fresh waters. Much frightened among them died on the way. But the majority was saved. Some most powerful magicians, “dark faces”, having woken up before others, began to pursue those who “robbed” them and who were in the last ranks. Persecutors whose head and a breast rose over water pursued them, so far, at last, did not overtake their water, and they did not die everything, to a man: the soil fell under their legs and Earth absorbed those who profaned it. So, the last rest of Atlantis – the lake Poseydonis – died from waters from below and from fire from above. The great mountain did not cease to vomit a flame, “Fire – the vomiting Monster” remained lonely among ruins of the ill-fated island.
Successors of Atlases (Egypt)
About 400 000 years ago the Great Box Devoted was transferred from Atlantis to Egypt. The Golden Age of Toltecs came to an end long ago, moral decline, and occupations black magic extended more and more widely. The white Box demanded purer environment and therefore it was transferred to Egypt – at that time the desert, sparsely populated area. There the Great Box Devoted could continue during two hundred thousand years freely the work. About 200 000 years ago the White Box founded the empire in which the first reigned “A divine dynasty” of Egypt, and began to educate the people. At this time there were first groups of immigrants from Atlantis. Throughout 10 000 years which remained before the second accident two big Giza pyramids were built, with big halls where there were ceremonies of dedication of pupils and in which powerful mascots for the period of space disasters, by them foreseen had to be kept. During an era of the second accident (200 thousand years ago) and the first sinking of Egypt its population emigrated to the mountains of Abyssinia which at that time were the island. When the flooded territories appeared over the sea again, they began to become populated by a part descendants of former inhabitants, a part immigrants of Atlases, mainly Akkadians. Their mixture also created type of Egyptians. By this time the government of the second “the Divine Dynasty” of Egypt when the Devoted Adherents still operated the country belongs. The third accident with Atlantis which happened 80 thousand years ago caused the second flooding of Egypt. When water subsided, the third set in the “Divine Dynasty” mentioned by Mafenon. In reign of the first governors of this dynasty the great temple of Karnak and a set of other majestic constructions was built. Immersion to the ocean of the lake Poseydonisa caused one more flooding of Egypt. It was absolutely short-term, but put an end of “the Divine Dynasty” because the Box Devoted transferred the place a residence to other country. The human dynasty of the most ancient Egyptians which began with Menes had all knowledge of Atlases though in their veins there was no more blood of Atlases. During a sinking of the lake Poseydonisa the Sahara Desert was still an ocean floor as well as the Gobi Desert was a sea bottom in Central Asia. The islands of Great Britain were still connected to the European continent, and the Baltic Sea was not yet. Since this time of an outline of continents take that form in which they exist already today.
Other descendants of other subraces of Atlases
Turantsa – the fourth subrace – were yellow color. This subrace was violent and undisciplined, rough and cruel. Turantsa never dominated on the continent of Atlantis. They were colonialists. The most part from them emigrated to the areas located to the east from Atlantis. Then they went to the East further away to coast of Central Asia. Some of them removed further away, along the Yellow River, and finally were proved in the center of China. This subrace is presented now in some parts of modern China by the high Chinese who are easily distinguished from Chinese of the seventh subrace. Primary Semites – the fifth subrace – were white. Subrace is very aggressive, healthy, vigorous, inclined to robberies. They were mainly nomads. Suspiciousness and unsociability, eternal wars with neighbors were characteristic signs of this subrace. Their descendants are thoroughbred Jews and Kabila of North Africa. The sixth subrace – Arkadiytsa – were white. They appeared after the accident which happened 80 thousand years ago. They waged many wars with Semites who, at last, won. Akkadians differed in commercial, navigation and colonizer abilities. The great interest shown by Akkadians to navigation forced them to be engaged strenuously in observation of the star sky therefore they achieved huge successes in astronomy and astrology. They constructed several large shopping centers and established connection with the most remote parts of the globe. Their descendants were to the finikiyena, trading on coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The last the seventh, or Mongolian, subrace arose in the Tatar steppes of Eastern Siberia. Mongols came directly from the Turonian subrace which they replaced in the most part of Asia. They had no relation to the ancient continent Atlantis. They arose on broad lands of Tataria and had enough places for resettlement in the own country. This subrace expanded extremely. Under the terms of the area Mongols became nomads, then farmers. They were the highest subrace in comparison with the predecessors, rough turanets. As well as the last, they were yellow color. Having dissipated on plains of China, they represent modern Chinese. Japanese do not belong entirely to one of subraces, being a hybrid of several subraces. Japanese – as if the last scum of all Radical Race. That is why in them there are a lot of qualities distinguishing them from the seventh subrace – Chinese. The fifth radical Race which is at the head of nowadays human evolution came from the fifth subrace of Atlases – primary Semites. The most outstanding families of this subrace were allocated and installed around the southern coast of the Central sea of Asia, long before death of Atlantis. The fifth Race is divided too into seven subraces from which appeared only five so far. The first subrace from Central Asia passed into India and was proved in the south of the Himalayas. it began to dominate on the extensive Hindustan peninsula, having subordinated to the power the people of the Fourth and Third Race which inhabited India during this era. The first subrace is represented not only by Aryan Hindus, but also one of types of Ancient Egypt, to what the ruling class belonged. The Aryan Semites different from initial Semites – Chaldea, Assyria, Babylon, in also modern Arabs and Moors treat the second subrace. The third subrace – Iranian to which ancient Persians whose descendants – modern Persians belonged. Ancient Greeks and Romans, and also modern Italians, Greeks, French, Spaniards, Irish, Scots belong to the fourth subrace – Celtic-. To the fifth – Teutonic – subrace possesses Slavs, Scandinavians, Dutches, British and their descendants, scattered all over the world.”

“Ancient legends” Nikolay Roerich

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