Experiment under the name “Earth”

From school age the modern person begins to perceive a hypothesis of Darwin as a great discovery. From year to year it is told each generation of school students that for millions of years work made of a monkey of the person. Stories about the first instruments of labor, about how for the first time there was a need of communication, about fight for existence seem quite plausible. But there is not enough most important, namely proofs of this fact, proofs of regeneration of a monkey in the person. Strangely enough, but many people are sure today that the science has sufficient archaeological data which prove that the person came from a monkey. However, all in accuracy on the contrary. Darwin claimed that transitional forms will be surely found at longer studying of remains. Having believed in it, evolutionists still in all parts of the world investigate remains, trying to find confirmation of its theory. But real proofs were not found. The quantity of questions with each new opening did not become less, and on the contrary, only increased. Where that only ancestor of all hominids and person? Whether really the only Cradle of Humankind is Africa? And if it so, then when and how many time ancient the person left the continent? When it seized fire? And the most important – when the person started talking? With each new find time of appearance of the first ancestors of the person was removed further and further deep into centuries. At first Neanderthal men and kromanyonets were considered as intermediate forms, however the modern science does not consider as their ancestors of the person any more. These are only races of people with small features of a skeleton and skull. Now on the earth it is possible to find tribes with physiological features which are inherent in their race. Other finds are presented in a single copy. In Africa in 1959 found separate bones, jaws, teeth, fragments of skulls of the died-out beings. They were called the Australopithecus. As this being could be orthograde, was decided that Australopithecuses can quite be ancestors of people. But other parameters corresponded to monkey – the humeral bone was adapted to a lasagna on trees, a small brain, weight only 27 kg and height of 105 cm. Therefore only on the basis of similar data it is impossible to draw a conclusion that it is an intermediate form. Scientists Oksnard and Zuckerman published data of biometric wide-ranging studies which proved that Australopithecuses were not humanoids. But the “Darwin” thinking suited many authoritative scientists and it was stronger than these scientific data. Remains of the beings who received the name “sinantrop” were found in caves in China in 1920-1940. Fragments of skulls were damaged very strongly, but it was clear that the brain by the size is very close to monkey. In the same place human remains, instruments of labor and hunting, a campfire were found. Of course, it is clear that sinantropa could not lead human life as they possessed very small brain. The only logical conclusion which can be is that there was a parking of people who a favourite dish had monkey brains. Professor Brel pointed to these facts to researchers, however these remarks remained unaddressed. Thus, in hands of scientists today only several minerals – parts of extremities, pieces of a cover of a skull, teeth which only with great difficulty can be attributed to an intermediate link. But as the reasoned proofs they are of little use. These elements can belong to anthropoids. The belief in evolution, lack of proofs and desire to prove that the monkey was an ancestor of the person, led to the fact that some scientists went even for falsification. The question of that from where the mankind undertook, still is one of the greatest riddles of mankind. The science and religion about it argue already long ago, but, maybe, the truth is somewhere in the middle? Riddles and questions which did not find the answer, caused the mass of versions and guesses. Inquisitive researchers were occupied always by a question – why in all religions – in Christianity, in pagan beliefs of tribes, in Islam – there is something the general – the highest being who lives in the sky. It created people and gave them the basic concepts how it is necessary to live, – moral and household. And came to nobody to mind till the 21st century that actually it is possible to create the person. But now genetic engineering became quite usual thing, and people looked at religious plots from the new party. Perhaps the person actually was created by some powerful beings absolutely from other planet? Surprisingly but today the science already came very close to that to prove it. Human genome, according to the latest data, consists of 30-35 thousand genes. For 99% these genes coincide with genes of a chimpanzee. Also there are genes which are making related the person with invertebrates and even with plants. It, of course, proves to some extent justice of the theory of Darwin. But researches also showed that the modern person has 223 genes which do not occur at one other living being on the planet. These genes just are also responsible for language, reason, etc. I.e. for difference of the person from monkeys. Since the most ancient times there are facts which confirm presence on the planet of extraterrestrial civilizations. Improbable finds of an extraterrestrial origin which lay in the earth millions of years rock paintings testify to it. Otherwise as it is possible to explain an origin of an UFO which was found in ices of Antarctica? Or, for example, a bolt which lay 200 million years in the earth? And such finds great variety. It means that there were always newcomers – even before appearance of the person. Perhaps, we were lodged here by newcomers and watch us now. They do that they want. Arrive when there is a wish, and take that it is necessary for them. They do not disappear and are not afraid of us, and, on the contrary, show the presence as if are owners. And we cannot prevent it. It is quite possible that people are only guinea pigs over whom newcomers put experiments. Aliens influence people and operate the planet. Give to people modern technologies and then observe how they use them. These technologies primitive for them and new to us. In different corners of Earth hundreds of UFOs are fixed every day. Especially often they appear near any scientific tests, events, near military facilities and with space stations. Annually millions of people vanish. It is quite possible that they are kidnapped by newcomers to investigate a body and consciousness, to put experiments. Many great geniuses and scientists dream the inventions or take them “from above”. Only some admit that they receive it from them. Aliens allocate the person with knowledge, differently how to explain such jump in the 20th century in development of technologies. Why they give to people new opportunities? Perhaps, they just wait when people destroy themselves, all these opportunities we use against ourselves. Perhaps, they try to teach us to laws of the Universe without which existence in it is impossible? Perhaps they try to bring up us. Zakariya Sitchin (the scientist from the USA) published on the basis of these data article in which claims that the person is created at the expense of genetic engineering. According to its version, to Earth aliens from the planet to Nibir once arrived. In ancient Sumer sources there is a mention of it. There is to Nibir time in 4000 years near the Sun. Sitchin assumes that the ship of annunak landed on Earth 300 thousand years ago. According to its version, they had high technologies and arrived on our planet in search of minerals. the labor as it was not enough of them was required for newcomers. Then they took a monkey which was added by means of genetic engineering by several “excess” genes. After that the monkey had a reason. The scientist considers that quite so there was Adam – the first person, and then as Adam’s clone – Eve, but with a bit different set of chromosomes. Aliens, likely, suspected what can be human nature whom created from a wild animal and vital rules inspired in the children. Possibly, newcomers wanted that on Earth there was not animal society, but human. At the same time they contacted the native planet and continued the surveying works. People bred and propagated and, perhaps, not absolutely met expectations of aliens of a righteous life. And then there was a Flood about which newcomers foreknew. They only warned the righteous person Noya which on the Ark and escaped. Once nevertheless newcomers left Earth, having left on it the reasonable person – creation of the hands which is constantly forced to struggle with the animal essence. However it does not give a definite answer to the greatest riddle of the Universe. Even if the person was created by newcomers, then who created them? But anyway the person did not occur from an animal. By results of researches it became clear that it appeared on Earth in the human look at once.

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