Cards of illuminates — nine unknown

illuminati cards
illuminati cards

Today it is already quite difficult to find in the Internet of the person never hearing about so-called “cards of illuminates”. Though gambling “Illuminates” appeared in 1994-1995, the majority got acquainted their existence after events on September 9, 2001 when after explosion of the Twin Towers it became clear that this image is present at one of cards, and on another explosion of the Pentagon is visible, and. Just on one of the parties of a complex. Since then similarity to real life and key events were found still more than once.

Cards of illuminates — nine unknown

The most interesting that for the most part even of the people knowing about these cards on it all knowledge is also limited. I think, the few saw the full pack consisting from more than 500 cards. Though everything quite really to find their in a network, without having spent a lot of time. The pack is divided into three groups: events or actions (298 cards); groups or persons (205 cards) and actually illuminates – 9 cards. And here is how time the last 9 also drew my attention. The matter is that on Earth there is a legend of “the Union of Nine Unknown”, managing directors of the world long ago. Persons interested to get acquainted with this subject in more detail, will be able easily to make it by means of Google or Yandex. I will only note the most essential features of this legend from my point of view.

1. It is very ancient. Though the first mention of “SDN” belongs to the 3rd century d.n.e., it appears, this legend appeared for concealment of truth as traces of activity of certain powerful forces which can be carried to SDN are found during much earlier periods. Since the Sumer civilization.
2. According to a legend all set of the knowledge which got to mankind from former civilizations was divided into 9 books relating to various areas of knowledge. Each book received the Keeper. Thus, the possibility of control of development of humanity and at the same time impossibility of usurpation of all ancient knowledge was reached by one clan.
3. Since ancient times of a mention of SDN meet periodically including in rather recent times allowing to think that SDN safely had all times and continues the activity still. A basis of its activity – control of development of humanity and prevention of key breaks in any areas of scientific knowledge.
4. At various variations of the numerous schemes reflecting structure of the power of a world zakulisa, which appeared in recent years SDN is present or as the operating top, or at quality “the first after God”.
All this forces to belong to 9 cards of illuminates with a little great attention, than superficial curiosity.
So, cards only 9.

The first card which is easily giving most in to interpretation attempts is called “The Bavarian illuminates”. Unlike illuminates “usual” concerning history “Bavarian” is known slightly more. The award was based on May 1, 1776 by Adam Veysgaupt. The particular interest causes the fact that it made it not on own plan, and according to the order of the creditors who were Rotshilda. Among the main objectives set for the Award was all available forces to achieve influence on all key political figures of Europe. Any means could be for this purpose used.
A bit later for influence expansion members of the Award “BI” began to get and take the operating positions in numerous Masonic lodges. So far in 1782 it was not succeeded to carry out their association to one integrated structure. Then also the decision on the admission in membership in Beds of Jews was made. All this already shortly allowed in open to crush Rotshildam under itself all multilevel structure of secret societies of Europe of Masonic type. Thus, we can assume at least that one of “unknown” is still represented by clan Rotshildov (represents, but is not personally this Unknown). The sphere of unique knowledge – approximately sociology, policy, management of public consciousness.

One more card under the name “Gnomes of Zurich” sends us to Switzerland. The phrase “Gnomes from Zurich” for the first time was said by George Brown, the Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain. There was 1964, and the labor government only just squeezed to the power. Labourists waited for it long ago and got the whole a lot of plans therefore they very much were upset when they after all seized upon the power and found out what with plans should be waited — in England financial crisis began. Business, clear, was that They whoever these They were, maybe, them in general were the whole international gang, attentively saw trade balance of Great Britain and its balance sheets then decided to sell pounds sterling.
Here already all speculators currency began to sell pounds, and soon nobody bought them any more, except for the English bank which was obliged to do it, and Mr. Heyes from Federal reserve bank in New York was forced to walk all night long, bringing together specialists in financial surgery and preparing massive transatlantic injection. Then George Brown also fell upon the International Conspirators who aimed at finishing off pound, and at the same time and England. “All this Gnomes from Zurich” — he told shivering with hatred by voice. Braun pronounced each word slowly and threateningly, having especially been late during a” in the word “Gnomes” why in it even the excess syllable appeared. Thus, “Gnomes from Zurich” began to call the International Speculators, and also sceptics.
“Gnomes from Zurich”, though it is not absolutely correct to call them so as their most part not from Zurich, and from Basel and Geneva, are responsible for Gold. From capital letter “З”. Where in the world there would be no physical gold, it is controlled by “gnomes”. They know everything about sacral sense of gold as the power accumulator allocating its owners with almost magic forces and opportunities. I will not be surprised if everyone ever the melted and numbered ingot of gold is controlled by “Gnomes”. By the way, if to distract from mysticism, then we quickly enough will understand that except for the last 40 years the bulk of gold was stored in Switzerland, and all world financial system turned around “yellow metal”.
Then (perhaps, Rotshildami) made an attempt to clean the importance of gold for a financial system at the expense of numerous derivative tools and through control of issue of money supply. However, still unclear who benefited from it more. Personally it seems to me that in the course of these “merrymakings” concentration of gold only increased in one hands. Meanwhile, the system of finance untied from it is already near death, and gold is going to take the central place in mutual settlements again. Thus, if not to leave the subject considered by us about SDN, then, most likely, “Gnomes from Zurich” control gold (as a basis of monetary system of mutual settlements), and through it all world business.
I want to make a reservation at once that I am not going to claim that there is an exact compliance of cards of illuminates to real division of Uniform Knowledge into 9 parts in strict accordance with these cards. Rather via cards I try to try to grope these 9 areas of knowledge. Perhaps, not always successfully.
The third map of illuminates which we will consider is called “Society Diskordian”. Any interested sense of the word “Diskordian” without effort will find out that this word is connected with concept of Chaos. And this “society” is certain externally amusing version of religious worship of Chaos and its goddess Erida. But as soon as we will distract from a reality, at once we will understand depth and huge value of this field of knowledge.

Any who could imagine interrelation of Chaos, the Order and Entropy in the accuracy and details would find enormous power. Whether it is possible that those are available actually? And why is also not present. All of us are witnesses of what the theory of “the operated chaos” shown relatively recently on a surface, being taken advantage by strategists of the USA, already exerted huge impact on a current state of the world. In essence interaction of chaos and the ordered structures predetermines death of an old regime and the birth of new. And, the new order is born due to binding of free energy of chaos which was formed at destruction of the old ordered structures.
Externally at the level of abstract logic everything looks quite elementary. But there is one key moment without which knowledge any process of this sort will result before our eyes, but without our control. It is ability to catch, control and send energy of Chaos to the necessary course. Really this section of general knowledge can be considered as the most key. And therefore it is no wonder that this sphere in conspirology still remains the least opened. All see manifestation of these forces, but nobody understands who stands behind it and that it is possible to oppose to it. The most interesting (is more detailed about it will be lower) that all 9 Are unknown are among themselves in a dual condition of unity war.
On the one hand, all conduct a human civilization to the same final, with another, I have an impression. That for each of them its role and influence on final process have the big personal motivation forcing to put a spoke in the wheel constantly each other. For example (from already considered maps), BI seek to reduce influence of HZ in the financial and economic sphere, tearing off money from gold. Those, in turn, undermine functioning bases of “paper monetary system”. But both of them seek to build certain convenient for their power an order which right there tries to destroy ODES as best of all knows how to build something new of free energy of Chaos (certainly, on own curves). From imperious figures known to us (I can be mistaken) I would connect This “a branch of the power” with Rokfellerami. Somehow the Chaos is associated with this group at me. Areas of Knowledge — Art. Instruments of management — various public organizations like “Greenpeace”, “antiglobalists” and to them similar.

The following card which undoubtedly has the accurate instruction in the name on special area of Knowledge is Shangri-La. This name fictional and for the first time appeared in 1933 in the short story of the science fiction writer James Hilton “The lost horizon”.
However, it absolutely accurately indicates much better known mythical name of the secret country of Shambhala, being its literary allegory. If to consider information connected with Shambhala, then it is possible to allocate the following:
The location – Tibet (nowadays enters jurisdiction of China);
The place from where to people periodically proceed Buddha for transfer of a certain portion of Knowledge of the Universe;
The place which one of the few remained in original state since the Flood (was not flooded);
The place where there is sacred Mount Kailash which by Vedic tradition is Shiva’s residence, God of Svaroga who is looking after the world of Earth during night.
The place where according to some mystics (Blavatskaya), there is a headquarters of the Great White Brotherhood keeping knowledge of last civilizations and where before decisive fight of “good with the evil” has to be born approaching the Messiah – Vishnu’s avatar.
The place from where to Hitler during expeditions a number of sacral knowledge of technologies of Aryan ancestors which he fortunately did not manage to use though to it it was quite close were transferred to Tibet.
The place where according to the Russian scientist-researcher Ernst Muldashev, in the deep sealed caves still in a condition of the deepest meditation (samata) some representatives of dochelovechesky civilizations of Atlases and Lemuriytsev are living.
I do not want to go into details how many here fiction and how many truth. I do not know. But the smoke without fire does not happen. And sacral character of this area is recognized in fact as all religions of the world. On Tibet according to legends a lot of time was spent also by Christ to the 30 anniversary. If at least the part told above is right, then we deal with such section of General Knowledge as the device of the Universe and Vedaniye of Divine laws of the Universe. Taking into account told, I would carry to same and all world religions existing today Christianity, the Buddhism, Islam and Judaism. From here in hands of this our “unknown” the huge spiritual power over billions of people supported with not less impressive administrative structure is concentrated. In this group of the most often mentioned applicants for Players of the first level it is possible to carry Vatican. However, as well as other Churches.

The following card which also have rather clear interpretation is the Hermes’s Adherents card. Apparently, it is about Hermes Trismegista bearing a name of Tot in Egypt. Even the simple appeal to Wikipedia gives us quite detailed understanding of areas of Sacred Knowledge which can be connected with this name. It is writing, law, philosophy, alchemy and medicine. More generally it is possible to speak about all natural sciences obviously. Whether it is necessary to say that it is difficult to overestimate value of this area of Knowledge for development of a human civilization. Exactly here, apparently, it is worth looking for the centers of artificial control of development of sciences and technologies, and also all set of confidential scientific centers.
In addition on numerous conspiracy sources in Ancient Egypt it is necessary to look for roots of that project of occupation of the world power which received the name “ZION project” or “Bible Project” later. Except the knowledge which got to us in inheritance from Hermes (appropriately prepared) magic practice, and also some artifacts which got to mankind in inheritance from Ancient (Hermes’s Staff) also is connected with a name of Hermes-Tota. Concerning this card for me it is not possible to allocate for today any personality or group which could be connected with a name of Hermes. Yes, various magicians, clairvoyants and predictors on the world a dime a dozen, but the beginning here uniting, as well as in science is not looked through at all, despite huge influence of science and magic on mass human consciousness today. What only speaks about very good level of conspiracy.

The following card – “Network” has much more shown character. The world wide web of the Internet is the central link of all human civilization already today. The network changed for itself correspondence and transfer of information and documentation on traditional carriers. Without it it is impossible to imagine a modern financial system. It is a key element of any business which grew from “lotochny” panties. That is the Network is what holds the whole world for “the causal place”. But this its not all value. A network for its owners it and an infinite source of power. Information volume available to owners of the Network is so big that they are in fact monopolists. They know everything about business, policy, people.
Through the network periphery they are capable to watch any person of the planet in any public place, are capable to reveal thoroughly habits, reactions and psychotype of any person for the subsequent manipulation to them. And still it is that virtual reality which allows to distract in the splendid way mankind from real problems and understanding of a real world order. Emergence of the Network and a boundless variety of information sources allowed to replace an ineffective method of concealment of real information with the sinking of this information in the ocean of “white noise” which made Lie omnipotent, and the Truth got lost among uncountable credibility versions.
Officially you will not find information anywhere that the Internet has an owner. Everything looks in such a way that the Network absolutely anybody’s, to be exact has thousands of the network companies providers untied among themselves which only serve a network and information streams through themselves. However, true owners of the Network nevertheless are the largest companies routers defining the direction of information streams from provider to provider and passing all information via the most powerful servers. “Information owns the world” — this thesis is known long ago. The same Rothschild not bad earned in due time from quick and exclusive access to information on destiny of battle at Waterloo. But today, when in most cases the success from defeat in business (and in policy) is distinguished even not by(with) minutes, but seconds, this thesis found the real flesh and became reality. And together with it the huge power was received also by the clan controlling the Network.

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