Bunkers and capsules for rescue from the future doomsday

According to one of versions of interpretation of a calendar of the Maya, there will come doomsday soon. But certain people are convinced that it is possible to survive also in the conditions of the Apocalypse. The projects and developments offered by them sometimes differ in big originality. For example, our Russian, the former military engineer Evgeny Ubiyko collected on the device under the name “Emergency Capsule of the Doomsday”. According to the inventor, the tight capsule has four insulation layers and is calculated on any cataclysms. It will not collapse at an earthquake, a volcanic eruption or a magnetic storm, is capable to keep on a water surface, to roll down down from the hill and to turn over, without causing damage to those who are inside. The device is equipped with a shower and system of purification of air. Each capsule is calculated on accommodation four people within 40 days. Now Ubiyko tries to sell the invention to the government. One capsule as he speaks, costs 80 thousand dollars, and the former engineer suggests to construct several thousands of such capsules. By the way, Ubiyko’s neighbors, pensioners, claim that they intend to use the device in a critical situation. However, the inventor assumes that his child can not find demand for the intended purpose, and provided alternative options of use of the capsule – for example, as a sauna or the industrial refrigerator. The idea of rescue from the future doomsday forces people to build the shelters capable to protect from the Apocalypse in any its form – a natural cataclysm, nuclear attack, space or technogenic catastrophe. So, a certain Richard Ross within three years traveled all over the world, collecting materials about air-raid shelters. The book “Waiting for Doomsday” was made of them subsequently. For example, Ross describes Conroe shelter constructed in Texas in the 1980th years by one Asian oil tycoon. It represents a complex with living rooms, operating rooms, prison (!), mortuaries. The shelter is equipped with armored steel doors. In the State of Montana Charlie Hull shelter for members of Elizabeth Clare Prophet church was equipped. It is calculated on 90 families. Heads of this faith declared that doomsday will take place on March 15, 1990. All members of a church community this day went to a shelter where chose to themselves rooms to taste. They were there till March 16. When it became clear that the threat passed, people came back home to themselves. But the bunker is still supported in efficient” a state. And the American company Vivos developed the concept of the network consisting of 20 underground bunkers located near the largest cities of the USA. The shelter is executed in the form of a star: from the two-storeyed center ten inhabited compartments beams disperse. Bunkers are capable to sustain nuclear explosion, the chemical or biological attack, blow of an asteroid, various natural disasters like the natural fires, earthquakes and floods. In each construction about 200 people can be located. Accommodation is calculated for a period of up to a year. Rooms are completely furnished inside, in inhabited compartments there are bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. Bunkers are equipped with autonomous system of power supply, water supply and purification of air. The medical equipment, and even cars is also made to inhabitants of a shelter available. The cost of each bunker makes 10 million dollars. For 50 thousand dollars it can be filled with provisions, drugs and other necessary things. According to representatives of the company, the first customers already appeared. Also the Italian firm Matex Security Projects was engaged in construction of anti-apocalyptic bunkers. According to producers, their shelters protect from atomic blow, the chemical and bacteriological attacks, floods. Representatives of firm declared that already 1000 people ordered personal projects of such bunkers. Meanwhile, in northern Mexico on the peninsula Yucatan the whole city which residents will be protected from various accidents including from various variations of doomsday is already built. The town of Las-Agilas is located near the ancient settlement of Indians of the Maya Kiuik. Construction was financed by group of rich Italians who in 2008 bought the land here. All of them obtained the Mexican citizenship subsequently. The mini-city from 24 buildings was built on the project of the local architect Karina Vallée. Walls of local houses have thickness of 60 cm and are constructed of the special materials having resistance to high and low temperatures, fire, water and radiation. “Italians do not think that there will come doomsday, but 2012 mentioned in the Maya predictions can be year of accidents therefore they also decided to take cover here to be protected”, – the architect Karina Vallée commented on a situation.
As you can see, one really are afraid of doomsday, and others heat on it hands. What else “anti-apocalyptic” novelties will offer us in the nearest future?

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