The protocol of interrogation of P. I. Gordeeva of March 1, 1935

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dopros v nkvd


March 1, 1935.

Gordeeva P. I., 1907 of the birth, from Workers, the member of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League since 1929, before arrest of the Art. the librarian of government library. Works in the Kremlin since 1926. The father Ivan Gordeev, the instant, serving expeditions VTsIK.

Question: On interrogation of February 10 of this year, pointing to distributors of slanderous rumors about heads of party and government, you hid a number of persons from a consequence, extending slander and provocative fabrications whether you confirm it.
* Answer: Yes, except called me ROSENFELD, me also other persons spreading slanderous rumors are known to SINELOB0VA MUHANOVOY. *
Question: Call these persons.
* Answer: In the conversation happening in government library in the presence of me, SIMAK, BURAGO and SINELOBOVOY, the employee of KOHOBA library told us slander that N. S. ALLILUYEVA died unnatural smertyyu*.
Question: When there was this slanderous conversation?
Answer: It was in day of transferring of a coffin with ALLILUEVOY body to the building byvsh. GUM.
Question: You called SINELOBOVU the participant of group slanderous conversation now, but she also personally transferred you slander about t. STALIN.
* Answer: Yes, except the general conversation of SINELOBOVA told personally to me slander that N. S. ALLILUYEVA died unnatural death, and connected it with a name of comrade STALIN *.
Question: Whether told you SINELOBOVA from whom she heard this slander?
Answer: No, did not tell.
Question: And you asked it about it?
Answer: I asked SINELOBOVU who reported it this slander. She directly did not answer me, but I had an impression that SINELOBOVA transferred this slander according to the brother working in the Kremlin commandant’s office.
Question: Who told you the slander connected with murder of comrade of KIROV?
** Answer: After publication of the first government message on murder of comrade of KIROV to me the secretary of consulting part of the secretariat of the CEC ELCHANINOVA Vera Aleksandrovna, the member of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League came to library. She told me that murder of comrade of KIROV has no political character, and is result of personal revenge. ELChANINOVA explained that the message transferred by it to me is reliable and is kept a big secret **.
Question: Whether ELChANINOVA told you a source of this provocative fabrication?
** Answer: ELChANINOVA told that it was reported about it by well informed person, but him did not call a surname **.
Question: Transferred to Côme Vy the provocative fabrication told you by ELChANINOVOY?
Answer: I spoke to nobody about it.
Question: And what talk in connection with murder of comrade of KIROV was in government library?
* Answer: Among library workers there was talk that murder of comrade of KIROV is committed because of personal scores. In the very first days after murder the employee of BURAGO library repeatedly addressed me with persistent inquiries about whether the murderer of comrade of KIROV is party member or bespartiynym*.
Question: For what objective BURAGO of these data achieved?
Answer: It is unknown to me.
Question: What library workers extended provocative fabrications concerning murder of comrade of KIROV?
* Answer: Told me KOHOBA that among library workers such talk is carried on, but whom exactly, did not call. Personally I observed that ROSENFELD and RAEVSKAYa show gloating concerning murder of comrade of KIROV *.
Question: In what specifically it was expressed?
Answer: The entire period of time from the moment of murder of comrade of KIROV before publication of the message on disclosure of “the Leningrad center” of the zinovyevsky organization ROSENFELD was in very raised and joyful state, usually to it absolutely unusual. ROSENFELD was whispered with BURAGO and DAVYDOVOY all the time, and these right after conversation with ROSENFELD went to NELIDOVOY working at issue of books * and PETROVA *. After publication of the message on disclosure of “the Leningrad center” the mood ROSENFELD sharply changed, the former pleasure and an elation disappeared. Unusual behavior ROSENFELD and its environments which in library carried the name of “a noble nest”, so was evident that about it I talked to the manager of library of SOKOLOVA.
Question: Who exactly was meant, speaking about “a noble nest”?
Answer: Meant all by “a noble nest” the employees grouped around ROSENFELD from the former people, anti-Soviet adjusted: BURAGO, RAEVSKAYa, DAVYDOVA, NELIDOVA *, PETROVA * and dismissed by BARUT, SHARAPOVA * and MUHANOVA; in especially close relations with ROSENFELD were MUHANOVA and BURAGO.
The protocol is personally read by me, my indications are written down correctly.



APRF. T. 3. Op. 58. 232. L. 31-34. Original. Typewriting.

* — * Otcherknuto on fields one line.
** — ** Also; besides, on fields in a circle it is designated “+”.
* Surnames are led round in a circle.

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