Message of Najmuddin Gotsinsky


Message from Mufti Najmuddin Gotsinsky to the mullahs and the parishioners of the North Caucasus Muftiate.

I was elected by the will of the mountain peoples, obeying the dictates of sharia law, ordering all rural mullahs begin immediately to train parishioners rites of Islam, such as the proper fulfillment of the prayer, “fast”, dismissal contributions “sunset” and commit other personal religious duties of a Muslim. I remind all rural mullahs that the will of the same in the days of the renewal of our Highland life has created a Central Committee, the objectives of which are not contrary to the rules of Shariah, he wants one thing – to raise political and cultural of our peoples and to defend their rights at the moment when the various dangers threaten even most peoples’ livelihoods.
The greatest evil that undermines the peace and prosperity of our people and all those who live among us, now is a crime. Thieves, robbers, murderers violate all the dictates of Sharia, but they often prepare the death of innocent men, women and children.
So I, your mufti, I order you to offer rural communities immediately elect from among its special God-fearing persons obliged to relentlessly implement the rule of Sharia in all strictness in dealing with thieves, robbers, and murderers, and all members of the secular authorities – regional, county commissioners and village elders are obliged to provide its assistance to persons named, because otherwise they will be removed from their posts, as unworthy of his title on the basis of the resolutions of the Central Committee. I declare to their populations, that all the rules will be Sharia me and all the secular authorities applied to the fullest extent without any pity, inclusive, up to the cut-off hands of thieves and death robbers and murderers; for that special person will be assigned to me, that will immediately trigger the punitive decisions on thieves, robbers and murderers.
In order to facilitate the fight against criminals, offer rural mullahs and the elected parties to proceed immediately to the organization of the volunteer militia, while the ranks of the fighters with criminals can be admitted only those trustworthy and courageous, recognizing itself bound by strict rules of Sharia and well-being of their peoples; skeptics and weaklings no place in the ranks of this host.
Voluntary Militia Lists should be submitted through the Spiritual Administration or me, or the chairman of the Central Committee Tapa Chermoev. All rural communities are required to have in their volunteer militia. If then any rural society, contrary to its own decision of either my message, the wishes of the Central Committee violate these rules, it will be excluded from members Gorsky Union as a vicious member who violates the peace and quiet of the total population, and it will be left to the punitive expedition, and it does not find any support from other nations and its own people.
Reiterates that for a crime committed by Muslims against Muslims, I, through my authorized persons, I will cut off your hands, and for a crime committed against the person and property of Christians, the same person will carry the death penalty on offenders.
I think it is necessary so stringent measures in particular at the moment, since we all need to maintain good neighborly relations between our peoples and Russian, so that criminals do not suffer from innocent persons.
I order the mullahs after the receipt of this my message immediately stop criminals funeral of those killed in a shootout with the police or at the scene of the crime and found guilty, have a predatory cemetery for them, where they were buried, did not offer them the funeral prayers, as they are his crime violated the rules of Sharia and thereby excluded themselves even during his life on earth from the list of the faithful.
I declare to all the mullahs who violate the rules of this my message, they will be deprived of my clergy. Amen.
November 4, 1917

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