Instructions of Yermolov to Kabardians

nastavlenie ermolova kabardincam
nastavlenie ermolova kabardincam
  1. Temporary Court Kabardia Holders and Uzdens, one from each genus or family, for the first time by the authorities intended.

  1. The Chairman of this court appointed a temporary owner, Colonel Kuchuk Dzhanhotov.

  1. The Secretary of the Court herewith defined captain Jakub Shardane.

  1. For the cases of spiritual court relies herewith be one Cadia.

  1. Court to this composed under the supervision of a local chief in Kabarda colonel of artillery Kotsarev, or who will occupy his place.

  1. To care the dignity of this court is under the hold of honor guard, consisting of the Cossacks at the officer.

  1. The duties of this temporary trial consists in the analysis of cases among all states litigatory Kabardians, such as: owners, Uzdens and the common people, in disputes, grievances and claims.

  1. In the cases of disputed cases and claims that occur between owners or Uzdens with the servants or among these commoners, are invited to this meeting and the court judgment on the part of the past now, people in years, and gained the respect worthy recognized according to the election of people’s deputies for now, Minister.

  1. All cases and civil disputes between Kabardians well, and claims on them by foreign people, dealt with and solved in their ancient customs and practices, adapting these should, inasmuch as the importance of the cases permitted by law of the Russian.

  1. At this end of all such cases shall be made in court by the Secretary of the signature or seal journal note of judges comprising established facts of the case and a decision …

  1. These are the coffee notes, compiled on this form and having been in the order of collection, each month in a calibrated head of Kabarda.

  1. The decisions of this Court in matters litigatory gets full power and is not subject to the consideration of the Chief, bude price litigation does not exceed 200 rubles; in amounts well in excess of the amount of these things, dissatisfied party may lodge a complaint against the court decision the head of Kabarda.

  1. In this occasion, that the authorities with greater thoroughness might consider such solutions, the owners, Uzdens folksy and deputies are obliged to do drafting regulations on the laws and customs of the people for all kinds of cases, which, in consideration of the heads can be corrected and approved for uniform add-on performance.

  1. All fines for court cases, and all that for the satisfaction of the offended party will remain are stored and administered by the court without the permission of the Chief can not be employed anywhere. Fines these in horses, cattle or other property received, should be transferred to the money.

  1. Cases of criminal proceedings of this court do not belong to and are subject to all the laws and military rigor.

  1. Criminal offenses Kabardians revered:

  1. a) murder;

  1. b) treason;

  1. c) indignation among the people;

  1. g) escape outside the lines with evil intent;

  1. d) supply of predators to mischief and relations with them;

  1. e) raids in the border line, in attack and predation thereof;

  1. g) the exposure of weapons in quarrels with the infliction of wounds.

  1. Misconduct of the peculiarities of the importance of time-resolved by the court, and the punishment is carried out by definition thereof fine or flogging the body, not more than a hundred blows.

  1. little importance misconduct are recognized:

  1. a) theft – theft of cattle and other things, for an amount not in excess of 200 rubles;

  1. b) fraud or deceitful actions to harm others;

  1. c) hijacking violence;

  1. g) quarrels and fights without weapons exposure;

  1. d) holders of an insult, Uzdenov of subservient slaves or greater than the measure of household fixes.

  1. In matters of little importance, components common faults and subservient slaves against their owners and Uzdenov, provided a fine and easy to punishment by the owners and Uzdens not believing foreclosure over crime measures.

  1. None of the clergy Kabardian not interfere in the analysis of civilians.

  1. The items belong to the court proceedings of the spiritual:

  1. a) business, to faith and conscience on;

  1. b) cases on disagreement between husband and wife;

  1. c) proceedings between parents and children;

  1. g) general case, without evidence, clear evidence and written evidence.

  1. All the cases dealt with on the basis of the law; all the others are resolved by the court.

  1. On the obligation of the court being founded responsibility to collect sufficient information regarding taxes or any other kind of obligations, is serving the servants and slaves for the benefit of owners, Uzdens well and clergy, and without altering their properties, inasmuch as possible, Explain the extent to which these are sent to service. These rules being presented to rulers and subsequently better time considerations and approved, will bring mutual benefit to owners, Uzdens and subservient and serve to the disgust of all the misunderstandings and mutual displeasure.

  1. Inasmuch prohibited Kabardians absent from Kabarda without written forms, that every man that hath his drive off as needed in other places, provided with printed tickets:

  1. c) inside the line – Ticket on the time trial;

  1. b) for the Kuban and in the mountains – Ticket chief;

  1. c) in Kabarda and distant places in Russia – chief of the ticket line.

  1. All these tickets are issued free of duties and on plain paper, copies of which will be delivered to the court through the chief in Kabarda.

  1. In order to judge, chairman, and secretary Mullah this temporary court, doing chores for that meter, his wages received decent content from the treasury of His Imperial Majesty, it determines salaries.

  1. In establishing this court temporarily, I give myself then shalt provide sufficient instructions to the appointment and salaries of judges for the trial of their allegiance to the zeal I Merciful service of the Emperor, and to the good of the Kabardian people.

MANUAL of A.P. Yermolov to PROVISIONAL COURT established in Kabarda for analysis of cases between Kabardians pending PUBLICATIONS especially the right (1822)

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