Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland

The institute is among the state educational institutions therefore it is financed by the Government of Ireland, and it means that all conveniences and conditions of training and accommodation of the superior quality. At institute the fine modern library which was recently among the best in Ireland. Here too there is a modern computer and information complex. At the moment at institute 10.000 students, 6.500 of which — on internal office, and 4.000 — on correspondence study. Every year at institute an increasing number of students from other countries studies. The institute has the residence which is in close proximity to institute. The institute is one of popular higher educational institutions of Ireland therefore transfer on some faculties is carried out on a competitive basis. The institute offers a special course for preparation for receipt in universities of Ireland. The course is directed, first of all, to improvement of language training, and also immersion on educational Wednesday. Along with English lessons, the student attends preparatory classes in those objects which he will study at institute. Students also study culture and a social system of Ireland. Students of a preparatory course are full-fledged students of institute and use all conveniences of institute. Students are engaged in small groups. Those students who at delivery of the final test at the end of a course gain more than 60 points from 100% can be automatically enlisted on the baccalaureate program of this institute. The course can be lasting more than 30 weeks at 20 hours of group occupations a week and 6-10 hours of individual occupations a week. Terms of a preparatory course — from October to May or from January to August.

The preparatory course is conducted in the following directions:

Economy and business,



Science and computer facilities.

Requirements for receipt:

17 years,

the certificate about the termination of high school with progress is not lower than average,

level of proficiency in the IELTS language — 4.4, TOEFL — 475 (computer — 152).

The institute conducts education on the following faculties:

Economy and business:


Management of retail trade




International business


Hotel management



Health care

Engineering sciences:

Electronic engineering

Applied electronics

Mechanical engineering

Food engineering

Production management

Construction management

Construction economy

Architectural technology

Science and computer facilities:

Applied biology

Applied chemistry

Applied pharmaceutics


Information technologies

Development of the software

Applied computer facilities.

Requirements for receipt:

17 years +,

the certificate about the termination of high educational school with good results on English and mathematics + to at least 4 other objects,

level of proficiency in language: IELTS — 5.5, TOEFL — 550 (computer — 196).

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