University of Surrey, Great Britain

University of Surrey
University of Surrey

University of Surrey takes the 5th place in the country on research works. Here well teach economy, business, physics, astronomy, electronics, engineering. The faculty engineering spetsialnostny university — one of the best in Great Britain — the course Civil Engineering — the best in Britain, Mechanical Engineering — takes the third place in the country, Chemical Engineering — the sixth.

The leading position in ratings of the country is held by School of tourism and Hotel business of university.

At university unique Surrey Space Center where the advanced space technologies are developed and take root works, the center cooperates with many countries of the world, does artificial space satellites and the electronic equipment for spaceships under the order. Since 1981 were successfully started 21 satellites, including at the spaceport in Plesetsk.

According to these “Guardian League Table of UK universities”, University of Surrey takes the 12th place on quality of programs on the Bachelor’s degree among 122 universities of Great Britain.

The Sunday Times newspaper called University of Surrey — “University for future work” as the university offers a unique opportunity of training in the course of training and professional trainings for future experts, thus students get not only quality academic education, but also it is a lot of practical knowledge.

Here it is possible to choose 4-year sandwich the program of training where all 3rd year students will work for full time on a full rate in the specialty, and within the 4th year to make the project work and to protect the Bachelor’s degree.

The university keeps in contact with more, than 2500 large companies and corporations in the world on employment of graduates. Graduates of University of Surrey get a job within the first 2 months.

Students have an opportunity to have preuniversity training in the directions:

Law, Politics & International Studies

Business, Management and Economics

Engineering & Computing Science

Introductory requirements for the Foundation program:

the age of 17 years is also more senior;

language level at the time of receipt — IELTS 5.0 equivalent

The university accepts the academic Study Group test, it is not necessary to take examination of IELTS.

In case the level of language of the student does not conform to requirements, we will be able to suggest to pass the ELP program of the corresponding duration:

IELTS 3,0 — not less than 2 trimesters

IELTS 4,0 — not less than 1 trimester

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