University of Oulu, Finland


Name of educational institution
University of Oulu
Description of educational institution
The university of the city of Oulu is one of the largest universities of Finland and has exclusively broad academic base. The university was founded in 1958. It is on the third place, at the national level according to the academic rating of world universities.

University of Oulu – the international scientific center known for high quality of education and researches. Faculties of university closely cooperate with research divisions of many companies. This cooperation is a guarantor of the fact that the knowledge gained in the course of training corresponds to the latest world tendencies. The university has broad communications with hundreds of international research and educational institutions. It totals more than 1000 international students.

Oulu – one of the most dynamically developing cities of Finland, the sixth in size. It is known for the qualified specialists, high quality of services and versatile structure of the industry and business. Oulu is the center of high technologies in which many international companies are concentrated.

The university includes six faculties:
• pedagogical faculty
• faculty of business and economy
• medical faculty
• faculty of natural sciences
• tekhnogolichesky faculty
• humanitarian faculty

The university of the city of Oulu offers the following programs for receiving educational degree of the master taught in English:

• Architectural Design
• Astronomy and Space Physics
• Barents Environmental Engineering (BEE)
• Ecology and Population Genetics (ECOGEN)
• Education and Globalisation (EdGlo)
• Finance
• Financial and Management Accounting (FMA)
• Health and Wellbeing in the Circumpolar Area
• International Business (IB)
• Learning, Education and Technology (LET)
• Magnetic Resonance in Materials (MRM)
• Protein Science and Biotechnology
• Software, Systems and Services Development in Global Environment (GS3D)
• Synchrotron Radiation Based Science and Accelerator Physics
• Wireless Communications Engineering (WCE)

Visit the site with the description of programs for obtaining more detailed information:

Doctoral studies
After receiving degree of the master at university of the city of Oulu, the graduate has the right to continue training in doctoral studies (PhD training). Each case is considered in an individual order with representatives of faculty.
The service of professional activity of university offers students of service in individual planning of career, gives help in drawing up the summary and development of strategy of job search. Research institutes, such as CWC, Infotech, Biocenter Oulu and Thule offer opportunities for the academic career. Cooperation between university, the city, research institutes and a business area is extensive and productive.
“Our university is an ideal combination of high technologies and quality education. At the same time, Oulu is the suitable place for people who love the nature and a sports way of life” – Aleksandra (Russia), the graduate of the specialty Financial and Management Accounting and doctoral studies.

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