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University of East London

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Boriana Maurice, International Development Manager

+44 (0)20 8223 3333
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Distinctive features of UEL:
·    Fine arrangement: in London, near the Olympic Games 2012 venue
·    Sports grants and support of outstanding athletes
·    Educational grants to 2000 pounds sterling
·    The guaranteed inexpensive residence in a campus in the stylish campus on the river bank
·    Direct transfer on 1 course on many the program
·    The preparatory Foundation program is not required for graduates of schools with excellent estimates and high    level of English
·    Also there is an accelerated preparatory Foundation program lasting 1 a semester
·    The favorable cost of training (from 8990 pounds sterling in a year).
Welcome to University of East London!

University of East London – UEL
The Olympic London
Campuses of university in Docklands and Stratford are located in east London near large financial center Canary Wharf. The Olympic Games 2012 will be held in east London so this magnificent place to study and live. From campuses of university it is simple to reach also the central London with its unlimited opportunities.
Impressive modern centers
Our university – one of the few in Great Britain which make considerable investments in modern conveniences to students. We provide to students the educational rooms equipped state-of-the-art, the round-the-clock training centers equipped state-of-the-art, multimedia complexes and specialized laboratories.
Comfortable conditions of accommodation
The university offers the comfortable, modern hostel in the territory of a campus. All rooms with own conveniences, it is modern are arranged and connected to the Internet. New the campus on the river bank provides a wide choice of options of accommodation. Students also have an opportunity to find housing outside university on
to the rental apartment or at friends. Recognized scientific researches.
The university of East London is modern, dynamically developing university known for the excellent quality of teaching and level of scientific researches in various disciplines. Our university in top ten modern British universities in the sphere of the conducted scientific researches (following the results of an assessment of the government of RAE 2008 – Research Assessment Exercise). 78% of the researches conducted by university were estimated as “international and recognized”, and considerable percent – as “global” researches because of the originality, the importance and accuracy.

Career and business
The university gives considerable support to students in development of their career development and in realization of enterprise potential. For example, the university center Knowledge Dock offers services of enterprise development. The university also cooperates with representations European business of a network – European Business Network (EBN) and with the accredited center business of innovations – Business Innovation Centre (BIC). Knowledge Dock the center allows students to decide on their business opportunities, to businessmen – to begin and develop own business, and also to develop profound academic knowledge through practical work in any sphere of business.
Faculties and programs
9 faculties of university are placed between two campuses in east London. Students can study on one or two combined disciplines. You can obtain information on the combined programs on our website: Students can choose education which completely satisfies them to interests and professional requirements.
Our university also offers the huge choice of master (MSc) and doctor’s (PhD) programs. In more detail on the website:
Docklands campus:
·  Architecture and the Visual Arts: Architecture and alternative urbanism (Architecture and Alternative Urbanisms);
·    Design (Sustainability and Design);
·    Modern art and practice of design (Contemporary Art and Design Practice);
·    Photo and graphic design (Photography and Graphic Design);
·    Fashion and textiles (Fashion and Textile);
·    Royal Docks Business School: management of the international business (International Business Management);
·    Finance (Finance, Money & Banking);
·    Investments and risks (Investment and Risks);
·    International accounting and finance (International Accounting and Finance);
·    Economy of business (Business Economics);
·    Ecological tourism (Sustainable Tourism);
·  Management of actions (Event Management); Human resource management (HRM – Human Resource Management).
·    Computing, Information Technology and Engineering
·    Civil engineering and geodesy (Civil Engineering and Surveying);
·    Engineering geology and construction (Geotechnical Engineering and Constructions);
·    Engineering of computing systems (Computer System Engineering);
·    Multimedia technologies (Multimedia Technologies);
·    Information security and computer legal proceedings (Information Security and Computer Forensics);
·    Development of design of products (Product Design)
·    School of Humanities and Social Sciences: International events; Mass media and advertizing;
·    Journalism
Stratford campus:
·    Health and Bioscience: Physical therapy (Physiotherapy);
·    Physical culture and sport (Sport andExercise);
·    Public health care (Public Health);
·    Biomedical sciences (Biomedical Science);
·    Biotechnology (Biotechnology);
·    Education: Language and training (Language & Education);
·    Teaching English (English Language Teaching);
·    Technique of training of children (Early Childhood Studies);
·    Special opportunities of training (Special Education Needs);
·    Psychology: Consultations and business psychology (Counseling & Business Psychology);
·    Application of exact psychology (Applied Positive Psychology); Judicial psychology (Forensics Psychology).
·    Law: The bachelor is right; The Master is right: International law and world economy;
·    Human rights
Necessary introductory qualification:
·    The certificate about senior secondary education with an average assessment 3.5 or above and an assessment 4 in key objects or above and IELTS 5.5 or IELTS 4.5
·    The certificate about senior secondary education with the general average assessment 4 or above and an assessment 5 in key objects, and also the confirmed level of knowledge of English (IELTS or TOEFL, see further);
The diploma of the International Bachelor degree (at least 32 points, including at least 12 points of the highest level and at least
4 points on mathematics for programs according to which it is required). Students with 4 points on English are usually exempted from delivery of IELTS or TOEFL;
Recognized British Foundation/Access program.
Entrants who successfully finished the 2 or 3 course in the specialty at recognized Russian university can
to submit documents for training for 2nd or 3rd of the program of the higher education of UEL.
Students who plan to receive the master’s degree in Royal Docks Business Schools, but have no necessary academic qualification, can be enlisted on the preparatory Pre-masters program.
The master’s degree with the general assessment 4 or above;
The bachelor’s degree with the general assessment 5;
In addition to standard requirements to the Magistracy, students have to show at least 2 years of experience
works at the necessary level.
Please, contact faculty of postgraduate study for specification of requirements to receipt:
Tel: +44 208 223 297.
Program type:
·    International Foundation Programme (IFP)
·    The accelerated IFP (one semester)
·    8 monthly IFP
·    Bachelor Degrees BA, BSc, BEng, LLB;
Duration: from 3 to 4 years
Beginning of training: the majority of programs begin in September or February;
Advanced Entry Pre-masters
Beginning of training: September or June
Masters Degrees
Magistracies: MA, MSc, MArch, LLM;

from 1 to 2 + years
Research degrees: MPhil and PhD (postgraduate study)
Introductory requirements
The list of the requirements necessary for training in our programs is given below. If your qualification is not specified in the list, please contact the International office of UEL:

(E-mail: ;

Tel: +44 (0) 208223 6555/+44 (0) 208223 3333).
Requirements to knowledge of English:
ILETS 5.5, at least 5.5 on written (writing) and oral (speaking) to tests and 5.0 reading (reading) and perception aurally (listening).
6.0, at least on written (writing) and oral (speaking) to tests and 5.5 reading (reading) and perception aurally (listening).
Total of points – higher than 65.
The number of points according to each test – 12 and above.
Total of points – higher than 79.
The number of points according to each test – 15 and above
* Please, consider that the necessary minimum for revenues to the majority of programs is stated above. However, for some programs the necessary IELTS level makes 6.5 (at least 6.0 for each test) or even 7.0 (at least 6.5 for each test), or the TOEFL(IBT) level equivalent to it, according to TOEFL(IBT) 91+ (at least 18 according to each test) or TOEFL(IBT) 96+ (at least 20 according to each test).
Center of studying of English.
Our center offers training courses of the academic English. If the student has no necessary level of English for receipt in our university, he can complete training courses at university prior to the beginning of the chosen program.
The center of studying of English also offers free courses for already arrived students.
Education cost:
Students can get a grant at a rate of 2000 GBP
Bakalavriatura: from GBP 9990 (USD 15920) in a year
Magistracy: from GBP 10440 (USD 16300) (for all program)
The prices stated above are valid only for this prospectus.
Approximate monthly expenses on accommodation: about GBP 500 (USD 790)
Monthly additional expenses, including food: about GBP 300 (USD 477).
* Please, pay attention that the tuition fee can increase every year.
Additional information
For additional information, and also concerning filling of applications, please, address by phone: +44 (0) 208223 6555, or by e-mail: <>.
Information is also provided on the website: <>
Order form :
The application form about transfer in University:
Payment methods:
Visa questions:
Phones: + 44 (0) 20 8223 2909/2409/5409;
Center of studying of English: <>
Phone: + 44 (0) 20 8223 2402.
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