The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Great Britain

The city of Newcastle the prospering city known for the brisk night life. Now more than 1 million people live in the city. Towering on abrupt river banks of Secrets, the city is an impressive show. It quickly changes. From the bridge Gateshead Millenium with its original mechanism of “the opening eye” its most beautiful areas stretch to the center of the modern art of “Baltik”. The real life in Newcastle begins in the evening. Here huge choice of entertaining institutions. The downtown can be bypassed on foot. It is possible to reach the remote areas by the subway. The way to London will take 3,5 hours by train which goes from the railway station everyone half an hour.


According to a rating of “The Good University Guide 2007” the university takes the 25th place among universities in Great Britain.

It was founded in 1834 as medical college. Belongs to group of “red and brick” universities.

At university 18000 students, from them — representatives from 108 countries are trained 1120. The staff of university — 4500, is also representatives of different cultures.

The strongest directions: medicine, law, computers.

The campus of university occupies 45 acres of the earth and is in the downtown near the main shops.

On a campus three museums, gallery of arts, theater, the modern sports center, the library equipped with the modern equipment — 200 computers connected to a network, 2000 places for individual and group occupations, more than 10000 magazines in electronic form, various training centers for carrying out researches are also located.

At university there is one of the best and large linguistic centers providing the access for students to literature in foreign languages and allowing to work with audio-and video equipment for development and improvement of language skills.

Now at university — 3 faculties:

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Faculty of Medical Sciences
Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering

32 colleges.

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