The University of Greenwich, London, England

Name of educational institution
University of Greenwich
Great Britain
London, Kent
+44 (0)20 8331 8136
+44 (0)20 8331 8625
Description of educational institution
The University of Greenwich
The University of Greenwich combines better that the city and rural areas can offer. It will be interesting to students to discover to itself London, and also to fully enjoy the beautiful nature and the sea resorts of Kent. The university has three campuses: Avery Hill and Greenwich in London, and also Medway in Kent. The university is proud of the international structure of pupils among whom there are students from 140 countries who chose education in Greenwich. The innovation, strong communications with the industry and business added with magnificent research opportunities – here what does University of Greenwich by the leading modern university which is a starting point in the course of preparation of a huge number of highly qualified specialists from various countries of the world.
The portfolio of University includes the big list of programs of a bachelor degree and magistracy, and also provides a wide choice of objects. English is taught all students for whom this language not language is not native.
The university provides about 2300 places in the hostels located in territories or near them. There are several types of placement, since single rooms and finishing with full-fledged studio apartments. Students have an access to extensive library and computer classes on each campus. The campus of Greenwich has the Linguistic Center for the students learning foreign languages.
Since arrival and finishing with the end of training, students are constantly given help and support. The consultant works at each campus for the international students. A large number of the free trainings and courses helping with study and allowing to expand considerably vital prospects of students is provided.
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