Malaca Instituto, Spain

For receipt in institute of Spain foreign students have to take entrance examination “Selektividad”. Examination takes place in June, and for those who could not arrive, also in September. Examination represents something similar to other European examinations, such as A-level, Abitur and others. This institute “Selektividad” therefore the student is examined in the following directions trains students for delivery of humanitarian examination: culture of Spain, a role of Spain in a historical European and world context. The high level of proficiency in Spanish is also necessary for students. Entering a university of Spain requires also knowledge of one of such European languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, French and Portuguese. Founded in 1971, Malaca Instituto is in the city of Malaga in the south of Spain. The case of school is located on the coast of the sea. The course of education begins in January, and 22 weeks last. Within the first 10 weeks students are engaged on 4 lessons a day at the rate of history and culture of the Spanish-speaking countries + 3 additional classes a week for the aid to the student. Within the next 12 weeks students study according to the intensive program of preparation for examination. The school conducts preparation in the following directions: Spanish, modern history, history of arts, Spanish literature.

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