International study centers Sussex, Surrey and Lancaster

At 3 universities: Sussex, Surrey and Lancaster.

This preparatory program is suitable for those who already made the choice in what of three universities to be trained. Students are trained and live in a campus of the university chosen by them. What gives them the chance to get acquainted with life and features of this university.

acquaintance to teachers of university
acquaintance to requirements of university,
possibility of use of library, computer center, etc. means of university

University of Sussex (University of Sussex)

Arrangement: in the picturesque place of 20 minutes from the coast, from the center of Brighton, 1 hour by train from London.

Number of students: 2500. Students and teachers — representatives of 120 nationalities.

Rating: No. 15 — in Great Britain, No. 40 — in Europe, No. 100 — in the world.

Graduates: 3 were awarded with the Nobel Prize.

The strongest programs: sociology, policy, international relations, mathematics.
University of Surrey (University of Surrey)

Arrangement: in the safest county in England, 40 minutes from London by train, 10 minutes from Guildford.

Number of students: 2600. Students and teachers — representatives of 140 nationalities.

Rating: No. 5 among the universities conducting scientific researches; No. 1 in the field of tourism.

The strongest programs: electric and electronic engineering, physics, economy, business.

Features: existence of the combined courses which are professionally focused — practical training in the company throughout everything 3 — go years of training. An opportunity to get a job in 130 organizations worldwide.

The diploma of this university admits many employers around the world. According to the newspaper of Tayms university of Surrey — “University for jobs”.
Lancaster University (Lancaster University)

Arrangement: near Manchester, the traditional English town

Number of students: 1500. Students and teachers — representatives of 100 nationalities.

Rating: No. 10 among the universities conducting scientific researches; No. 21 in Great Britain.

The strongest programs: the program business — schools is identical to the program the London business school and takes the second place.
Preparatory programs and baccalaureate programs corresponding to them

FOUNDATION programs Bachelor degree
Business and management Business and management
EconomyEconomy and management
Law and Sociology Anthropology





International relations

Engineering and computers Mathematics, Physics
ComputersInformation technologies

Engineering design

Mechanical and automobile engineering

Electronic and electric design

Natural sciences Biology




Molecular medicine and genetics


Studying of environment


Studying of the person

Media Movies


Media practice and theory


Requirements to arriving

age — 17 +
IELTS — 5,0
Certificate GPA — 4,5

Education cost

8850 pounds at university of Sussex

8295 pounds at university of Surrey

8700 pounds in Lancaster University
Programs of preparation for English


age — 17 +
IELTS — 3,0 — two semester, 4,0 — one semester

Education cost

2950 pounds at university of Sussex

2765 pounds at university of Surrey

2900 pounds in Lancaster University

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