Foothill-De Anza Community College District

Foothill De Anza Colleges
Foothill De Anza Colleges

Within the last 50 years Futkhill and De Anza are in number of the leading colleges of the USA offering two years’ education and excellent educational preparation with a possibility of the successful transfer to the best universities of America at once on the 3rd course.

College Foothill and De Anza – No. 1 on transfer of students to the 3rd course to system of University of California and California State Universities.

In college about 45000 students, from them more than 3000 international students from 100 countries are trained. In July, 2009 the rector of college Marta Kanter was elected to a position of the Deputy Sekretar of Department of Education in Barack Obama’s administration. In college Futkhill and De Anz any university specialty can finish the first two years practically, and at transfer to a third year objects are set off in other HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, saving more than 50% for training costs for the bachelor’s degree. Most of the students who were trained in college Foothill and De Anza are successfully translated and continue study (as students of a penultimate, third year) at one of the most prestigious state and private universities in California and other states of the USA. Colleges support active agreements on the translation of objects and the guaranteed receipt with more than 100 universities.


The college is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley well-known around the world, in 45 minutes to the South from San Francisco, in 20 minutes to the west of San Jose and in only several minutes of a way from the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Silicon Valley is a world capital of computer technologies. Near colleges there are central offices of the companies Apple, Yahoo!, Google, Adobe, eBay, Cisco, HP, Facebook, Intel and more than 6000 other IT companies.

Features of training

Foothill and De Anza offers more than 100 specializations in various areas from business, economy, a videoart, motion picture art to psychology and computer sciences. Besides standard specializations, colleges offer an opportunity of training in the most popular and demanded disciplines of the future, for example, to biotechnology, nanotechnology and developments of computer games. The program of Differences (Honors Program) allows talented students to gain special recognition, grants, and also gives the chance of the transfer to prestigious universities. The effective program of training gives the chance to acquire practical knowledge and skills, and also to earn in the best companies of the Silicon Valley. Thanks to special agreements students of colleges are transferred to prestigious universities for the 3rd year of four-year programs of training, such as University of California to Berkeley, University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), Stendfordsky University, University of California, Columbia University and many others.

The most popular specialties in college:

  • Animation
    Business management
    Introduction to the right
    Geographical information systems
    Graphic and interactive design
    Drama art
    Art: history, museums, ceramics, painting, sculpture
    Film and television production
    Computer information systems: management of databases, creation of corporate networks, network programming, development of the software
    Medical and sanitary disciplines: introduction to stomatology, introduction to medicine, introduction to pharmaceutics, introduction to veterinary science.
    Medical nurse business
    International relations
    International business
    Musical technologies
    Musical business
    Political science
    Nature protection gardening and design, ecological researches
    Theatrical technologies
    Theater and Musical theater
    Technical developments and design


The American institute of architects noted the campus of Foothill and De Anz, having called it “the most beautiful college”. In 2007-2008 a number of new buildings, including the modern student’s center, the centers of arts, medicobiological and ecological sciences were built. The college offers ample opportunities for active student’s life: students can become members of more than 60 organizations, the student’s government, university teams, to participate in creation of the newspaper, to work on student’s radio and various actions. In the territory of college there are most modern computer and multimedia laboratories, the center of media broadcasting, dental clinic, stadiums, a tennis court and a golf course, pools of the Olympic size and planetarium.

For foreign students

New students pass obligatory 4-day orientation during which detailed information on training, immigration rules and cultural adaptation is provided. Foreign students are given personal support – 6 consultants who help students with the solution of various questions from registration for courses, developments of the individual academic plan and filling of obligatory tax declarations work at a constant basis. Special events will allow to make time of training of students from different in America unforgettable, to broaden horizons and to meet new friends: monthly meetings “behind a cup of coffee”, free tickets for the Forum of Celebrities with participation of the famous people (Bill Cosby, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton), annual skating, trips on the coast of Monterrey, the international film festival, Thanksgiving Day and a solemn dinner for St. Valentine’s Day.

Requirements for receipt and training cost

Condition of transfer of students are: The certificate with good progress and confirmation on knowledge of English: TOEFL: 500 points, either 173 points (computer), or 61 IBT or IELTS from 6.0). If English level not sufficient, then it is possible to take the Intensive course of English in the summer period. Duration – 6 weeks after which transfer in colleges Futkhill and De Anza on an autumn trimester without the need for a TOEFL test repeating an examination is guaranteed. On a campus there are advice centers which teach individual and free private lessons on English, mathematics and other objects.

Training cost – 6000 US dollars a year.

The health insurance – 1344 US dollars

Accommodation cost in a family – 8250 US dollars

Textbooks and training materials – 1500 US dollars

Pocket expenses – 2500 US dollars

Total: 19594 US dollars

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