Education system in Sweden

Sweden is known not only high quality of education long ago, but also the fact that training at each step is free since educational institutions are in whole or in part financed from the state budget. Thanks to excellent reputation in the world market colleges and universities of Sweden attract the increasing number of foreign students every year.
The educational system of Sweden is under control of the Ministry of Education of the country, and specially created commissions develop training programs, uniform over all country. The main line of a modern education system of Sweden is its democratic character, i.e. all children, irrespective of their social status and a nationality, have the equal rights to get an education.

Training at the Swedish school is divided into 2 stages – comprehensive high school (Grundskola) and a gymnasium (Gymnasieskola). School education is obligatory for all children aged from 7 till 16 years, but at the request of parents children can go to school and in 6 years. Schools in Sweden can be state, municipal or alternative. The general secondary education includes the following steps: initial (1 – 3 classes), intermediate (4 – 6 classes) and senior (7 – 9 classes) that makes 9 years of training at school. There are no final examinations at school.

Upon termination of school more than 97% of pupils continue training in gymnasiums which training programs have various focus: professional, technical or academic (social and natural sciences). Gymnasiums of the academic and technical direction train pupils for receipt in higher educational institutions. Various programs of gymnasiums are connected among themselves, and pupils have an opportunity to pass from one programs into others. The training program includes studying of obligatory disciplines, objects of specialization and disciplines which each pupil gets out for himself independently. Training duration in a gymnasium makes 3 years.

The higher education

In total in Sweden about 55 higher educational institutions, from them 11 universities function. At universities of the country about 300 thousand students are trained.
Higher educational institutions of Sweden can be divided on:
– universities and university colleges;
– not university sector of higher education.

Training at universities is conducted in the form of lectures, and also practical and laboratory researches. Control of progress of students is exercised on score system (credits). Since 2007 one academic year on day form of education is equivalent to 60 credit units.
Knowledge of pupils is estimated on three-point system: “offset with honors”, “offset”, “not pass grade”.

The system of the higher education of Sweden includes the following levels:
Degrees on new system in Sweden:

First predegree level of training:
1) the diploma about the termination of university (2 years of training, 120 credits);
2) bachelor’s degree (3 years of training, 180 credits).

The second level – specialization level:
1) master’s degree (2 years of training, 120 credits);
2) odnoletnyay master preparation (1 year, 60 credits).
The prerequisite for reception on programs of training of the second level is existence of predegree degree at least in 180 credit units.

The third level – research (Doktorat)
1) degree the licentiate (degree between the bachelor and the doctor, 120 credits, 2 years of training)
2) doctor’s degree (240 credits, 4 years of training)

Also there is an opportunity to get postgraduate education, but only at those universities where there are research divisions.

Entering a higher education institution requires existence of the certificate about secondary education and knowledge of Swedish or English since teaching in some HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS is conducted in Swedish, and in some – in English, but the most part of educational literature – in English. Therefore existence of the certificate of one of the international tests is required: IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB, Cambridge First Certificate (English), TISUS (Swedish). Examination can be passed for knowledge of Swedish in Sweden (it is carried out twice a year – in April and October). Some universities of Sweden offer foreign students training courses of Swedish on a free basis, of 1 year.
Training in state universities is free. Therefore the main item of expenditure is the share of accommodation and purchase of training materials that makes 710 – 800 euros a month.

Obtaining the student’s visa, requires the following package of documents:
·    the existing internal passport;
·    the existing international passport;
·    the questionnaire statement completed in Swedish or English;
·    3 photos (3,5 X 4,5);
·    the certificate of transfer you in educational institution of Sweden on the specific training program;
·    the registration certificate of the inviting educational institution;
·    certificates and diplomas of the got education;
·    confirmation of funds for accommodation (an extract from the bank account);
·    permission of parents to departure in case you minor;
·    health insurance.
For students from the countries which do not enter the European Union it is necessary to sign the obligation that upon termination of study they will leave Sweden. Foreign students have the right to work officially only during summer vacation.

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