Education system in Singapore

Education in Singapore
Education in Singapore

Modern Singapore is one of the largest and most brisk world states which is in the lead in the field of telecommunications and information technologies. Here a number of the high quality universities entering the list of the best educational institutions for studying of mathematics and natural sciences is located.
What it is better to study in Singapore?
If you plan to study in Singapore, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about a local education system and about system of submission of applications for receipt in the Singapore higher education institutions in advance.
Types of educational institutions
Depending on what specialty and qualification you are going to receive in Singapore, you need to choose this or that type of educational institution of the country.
The unique, Technical institute of Singapore offers programs in the field of technical science and establishes national standards in the field of certification of skills. Here study applied sciences, business, design and media, electronics, information communication technologies, engineering and hotel business. At institute it is possible to be trained internally or in absentia, and also to pass programs of training.
Polytechnical institutes of Singapore give to students the skills necessary directly to start working activity. Training programs have practical character here. Institutes issue diplomas and various degrees.
In Singapore there is a number of the unique independent educational institutions offering specialized courses towards obtaining the diploma or degree. For example, the Nanyansky academy of fine arts (NAFA) offers programs in the field of arts. Educational institutions of this type are not regulated and not financed by the Ministry of Education of Singapore therefore entrants have to learn about a receipt order in such higher education institutions in an individual order.
In the territory of Singapore the state, private and national universities, and also campuses of foreign higher education institutions are located. At the level of a bachelor degree and a magistracy at universities programs in all possible areas are offered. In the country there are 4 national universities financed by the state: National university of Singapore, Nanyansky technological university, Singapore university of management and Singapore university of technology and design.
Training process
Training in a bachelor degree of universities of Singapore for students resident students usually continues 3-4 years. Students can get an education in the general areas (for example, humanitarian or natural sciences) or in the specific directions (for example, the bachelor in the field of analytics). The pupils who chose for themselves programs in the general areas have to choose one or two specializations if it is provided by system of educational institution.
Training in a magistracy and doctoral studies of higher education institutions of Singapore is supposed in the general areas. Students resident students study in a magistracy 1-2 years, in doctoral studies – 2-5 years. Requirements to entrants, programs and credit system at this level is more specific, than at the level of a bachelor degree therefore receipt in a magistracy and doctoral studies demands special preparation. Besides, before receipt it is important to decide accurately on future specialization, training at this level takes place more profoundly.
Academic culture
Being the international state, Singapore offers students complete and high-quality education, and distribution of English is supported at the state level here.
The system of teaching in Singapore has systematic, pragmatical character and is founded both on east, and on the western academic culture. Examinations are an obligatory basis for exposure of the general assessment, and teachers pay special attention to training of students for examination tests.
Unlike the systems of teaching based on cool discussions between students, the Singapore system means the full guide of the teacher and individual attention which students have to give to the studied material. In the academic culture of Singapore persistent work and aspiration to receiving an appreciation has key value.
Instruction for receipt
It is known that it is impossible to be “too prepared” for receipt in foreign higher education institution. Serious work of the student at the choice of educational institution and the suitable program has to precede submission of documents on entering a higher education institution. It is worth beginning collecting necessary information one year prior to the estimated beginning of training. The Singapore academic sector differs in internationality therefore for foreign students it is possible to find detailed data on receipt in local higher education institutions and application process.
Remember that in the Singapore higher education institutions the great number of students who underwent through the same receipt procedure through which you should pass already studies. Therefore, besides university brochures, it makes sense to study responses of students, thematic forums and videos. For example, online discussions on the choice of training programs and objects can be very useful.

Period of submission of documents and deadlines
In Singapore process of order taking for receipt is carried out and regulated by directly educational institutions. There are three main periods of reception of student’s documents: February/March, July/August and October/November. The academic academic year in Singapore lasts from August to May.
At the state universities of the country transfer of students usually takes place in August, in some higher education institutions – also in February. Process of transfer takes place in polytechnical institutes in April and September while private higher education institutions carry out multiple sets depending on the specific training program. On average, process of consideration by the commission of applications of students takes 2-4 weeks.
How to submit the application?
The foreign students who are going to the universities of Singapore can file the documents directly to the chosen higher education institution via the website of educational institution.
Documents necessary for receipt
The standard package of documents for giving in a higher educational institution of Singapore looks so:
1) The copy of the passport and other documents confirming the student’s personality
2) Certificate on passing of language testing of IELTS, TOEFL or PTE
3) The diplomas confirming already available education
4) Letters of recommendation from teachers of school or higher education institution
5) Motivational essay

Remember that results of testing of IELTS are valid only within 3 years from the moment of passing an examination. Therefore if period of validity of your certificate comes to an end, you will need to pass examination repeatedly.

In some educational institutions, for example at National university of Singapore, candidacies of the entrants who are students of other higher education institutions at the time of submission of documents are not considered. A number of educational institutions also imposes specific requirements to arriving, depending on their nationality.

The students filing documents to a magistracy have to have the bachelor’s degree in the respective area, and those who are going to study on the research program have to offer idea for future research. The entrants arriving on programs in the field of medicine and the rights, in turn, need to pass additional entrance examinations.

Right after official confirmation on transfer on a course the student can submit documents for obtaining the student’s visa.
Advice to arriving
The system of secondary education in Singapore differs from the system accepted in Russia and the CIS countries. Because of it persons interested to enter the Singapore university are obliged to pass preliminary training at the territory of the country. The student can study 1-2 years at local high school, pass the annual university program (Foundation) or training in college or polytechnical technical school in the chosen specialty. After the end of preliminary training in Singapore the foreign student can choose suitable higher education institution and file documents to it.
Transfer of students in higher educational institutions of Singapore is carried out on a competitive basis therefore it is necessary to be prepared for receipt well. The Singapore academic culture is based on complete approach to education, and estimates are not considered as the main indicator of student’s progress here. On the contrary, pupils have to concentrate on complete understanding of the studied subject and answer for themselves questions: “What practical skills I want to receive during training?” and “As study in this higher education institution will help me to achieve the objectives?”.
The accepting commission each semester checks hundreds of student’s applications therefore it is important that your documents completely reflected all your educational and working experience, and also existence of additional skills and achievements.
The academic achievements play an important role at making decision on transfer. Therefore if for receipt you need to pass additional examinations, you seek for receiving the highest points. Besides, all documents which you file to higher education institution have to reflect fully your enthusiasm in relation to the forthcoming study.
Thus, do not forget that badly written letter of recommendation or the motivational essay can negatively influence the decision of the accepting commission.

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