Marietta College, Ohio

Marietta College — college of coeducation. The last 10 years is in top ten colleges on the humanities in this region.

Year of foundation: 1788

Arrangement: on 120 acres of the earth of Mr. Marietta (the population — 15,000) the State of Ohio

Climate: moderate, 4 seasons

The next cities: Pittsburgh, Charleston

Number of pupils: 1200 students — 6% of the international students

Ratio of teachers and students: 121

Accommodation: different types of hostels — for first-year students, for young men, for girls, joint, for trained according to certain programs.

Equipment: the computer center, the Internet, use of e-mail, various laboratories, media the center, radio station, fine conditions for sports activities, the centers for facultative occupations, the centers for assistance to students, observatory.

Preparatory programs: stomatology, law, medicine, physical therapy, veterinary science.

The combined programs: engineering, natural resources, medical nurse business, forest area.

Special programs: Asian sciences, finance, business, German, literature, religion, sociology, sports management, Chinese programs, training.

Diploma: Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree

Features of college: the only college in the USA which has accreditation according to the program to training of engineers in oil industry.

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