Alpine College, Glyfada, Greece

Education in Greece
Education in Greece

Alpine College – the first Swiss Business School of Hotel and Tourist Management in Greece was founded in 1987 to satisfy need for qualified specialists in the field of the industry of hospitality and tourist management in the country. From the date of the basis more than one thousand people who hold high positions in various branches of the industry of hospitality not only in Greece now, but also worldwide became graduates of Alpine College.
Alpine College is located in the city of Glyfada (Glifad), the most expensive and prestigious district of Athens, in the western part of Attica on the bank of the Aegean Sea. Adhering to the traditional Swiss philosophy based on a harmonious combination of theoretical occupations to work practice and administrative skills, training in Alpine College is carried out on the basis of the operating Palmyra Beach hotel.
The hotel is completely equipped by all necessary for obtaining practical skills of work: front desk, service premises, restaurant, bar, kitchen. For implementation of educational process the spacious lecture rooms which are completely equipped modern with audio and video equipment, departments, student’s restrooms are equipped, there is a library with a reading room, the modern computer center. In each number there is a separate bathroom, phone, satellite television, and also wireless Internet connection. 3-times food is offered to students.
Accreditation business of school
Alpine College is highly accredited and world-wide – recognized school and is proud of the cooperation with the international educational organizations and world famous higher education institutions:
– Federal University of Wales, Great Britain
– American Hotel Association
– Edexcel/BTEC, Great Britain
The higher education at Alpine College school it:
– prestigious Swiss education for reasonable price;
– work in the sphere of hotel, travel, restaurant business;
– increase of level of your qualification in this sphere of business;
– successful career in the industry of the most high-growth and profitable business.
Conditions of revenues to the academic programs:
1. Age of 17 years.
2. Existence of the certificate about secondary education, the diploma about the higher education for revenues to the master program (any specialties are possible).
3. TOEFL 213/550, IELTS 6.0 or delivery of the internal test on English of Alpine College school with point not less than 75.
4. Interviewing with the rector of Alpine College.
The specialties Alpine College and cost according to their programs for 2010 – 2011.
• The master of business administration of MBA on specialties:
– Hospitality and tourism
– Business
1 year, full-time courses (full-time) – €11,800
2 years, extramural studies (part-time) – €6,100 in a year
• A magistracy in “The international Hospitality and Tourist Management” (MA)
1 year, full-time courses (full-time) – €9,150
2 years, extramural studies (part-time) – €4,700 in a year
• The bachelor in “The international Hospitality and Tourist Management” (BA (Hons)
• The bachelor in “Restaurant Management” (BA(Hons)
• The bachelor in “Events and Conventions Management”
The cost of these three programs is identical – €8,690
• The Swiss highest diploma in “Hotel management” with a bias on “Event and Exhibition Management” (HMVD) – €8,690
• The Swiss diploma in “Hotel management” (HMD) – €8,690
• The Swiss diploma in “Culinary art” (CAD) (training of chefs) – €7,250
• The Swiss diploma in “Event and Exhibition Management” (ECMD) – €8,690
• The Swiss diploma in “SPA management” – €6,300
• The highest British diploma in “Tourism and travel” – €6,450

• Online programs
– “Spa management” On-Line – €4,150
– The master of business administration (MBA) of On-Line – €11,800
– A magistracy (MA) in “The international hospitality and tourist management” On-Line – €9,150
• Professional qualifications (short-term specialized programs 3 months) on the specialties “Service of Reception and Placement” and “Restaurant Business” – €4,500
• The program of second higher education Post-Grad “Work in the Sphere of Hospitality” – €8,690
• The preparatory program of studying of English – €2,500 (10 weeks) and €4,900 (20 weeks)
• Programs of distance learning “The industry of hospitality” or “Restaurant management” (for a course) – €490
Educational process
Receipt in Alpine College is possible 2 times a year – in October and January. Academic year in Alpine College is divided into 2 semester, each of which proceeds 6 months. After the first semester of theoretical training the second semester of the obligatory paid training at the enterprise follows. During training food and accommodation is provided to students free of charge and besides, the salary of 350-700 Euros is paid.

Prospects for graduates
1) Graduates of Alpine College school are widely demanded by employers from around the world.
2) Within the program students study a large number of applied sciences and receive many practical skills that gives them the chance to work not only in travel companies, but also in hotels, in airlines, at the airports, restaurants, amusement parks, a casino, etc.
3) The percent of employment of graduates of school makes 99%. Graduates work in large network hotels, such as, Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton; in the known airlines Aegean Airlines, Air France, Air Greece, Swiss International Airlines, Olympic Airlines, British Airways; at the London Heathrow Airport airports, and also in the agencies conducting round, restaurants and cafe, operate amusement parks and a casino worldwide.

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