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Any person can organize a translation agency even if it has no knowledge of a foreign language, the main thing that it possessed good organizing abilities. The main objective – to employ qualified specialists, with profile education. which perfectly understand languages. For a start you need several competent translators, rent of the small room, technical equipment by computers and the copier, the printer and phone. Advertizing can be any – from massed to dosed, but hitting precisely into the purpose. After the first orders (on condition of the competent and precisely executed in time translations) publicity expenses will be minimum. For economy it is possible to remove office small, about 10 sq.m in which to place two workplaces with the computer and phone. But also big from such company an opportunity should not wait for profits. Translators are limited to their speed of work and qualification. And it means that the firm, most likely, will not be able to offer full range of services, and it will also not manage to earn from large volumes. The medium-sized company will cost the investor 15 thousand dollars. For this money it is already possible to remove decent office and to employ several in-house translators of different specialization. And, than their is more, that the level of the income of bureau is higher. And well paid the translations of technical and legal documentation are considered the most demanded (to 30 dollars for the page). And of course the most profitable is interpretation (specialists simultaneous interpreters earn from 50 dollars an hour). Except in-house translators, the firm has to create base of non-staff employees with whom it will sign the contract as necessary for a certain type of works. Are paid work of non-staff employees sdelno, upon. The following stage – to find clients. They can be found everywhere. These are the foreign companies working in the country (not all of them have translators in staff), the citizens wishing to receive residence permit abroad, both students of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, and the girls wishing to correspond with foreigners. It and authors of the websites who would like to make the websites multilingual (very actually presently!) and also researchers of the foreign-language Internet who find the mass of valuable information in the foreign-language Internet, but who have no time to translate this information with the dictionary. This list can be continued. Every year growth of contacts with foreigners grows in our country, so, without work the translator will not remain. Many mistakenly assume that the most difficult translation – technical. It can easily just be made even if you do not remember or you do not know several words, by means of the dictionary. And here to translate, for example, by request of publishing house from Russian into English Yesenin’s verses this very labor-consuming and responsible occupation which can take a lot of time. As a result it turns out that the translation into a foreign language is more expensive, than on native, and it is carried out more slowly (6-7 pages a day against 10 into Russian). Moreover, sometimes on a foreign language for 100% it is adequate only the native speaker can translate. Or the translator has to work hard years with native speakers, ideally – to live in the country of this language. Quotations:
Translation (1 page = 1800 characters with spaces):
– the translation from Russian into English – 10 dollars for 1 p.
– the translation from English into Russian – 8 dollars for 1 p.
At full load the translation firm is capable to gain income of 4000 dollars per month. At such revenue investments can already pay off in half a year.

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