Trade in balloons

The most difficult – to find the client in this business. It is natural if qualitatively to serve it, most likely, it will pass into the category of constants. But at the initial stage it will be very heavy to find clients: the market is already divided between the main players. And each company needs to think up something original to redirect a client stream to the party. Eloquence – important quality of any businessman. But in this business lack of this gift can compensate the Internet with interest: the website of the company will tell about its opportunities to clients much more, than oral promises to execute “all in the best possible way”. The catalog of production available to viewing in the online mode, – one of the most effective instruments of advance of business. On the second place in popularity – advertizing on own car. Transport is a free advertizing. But the key to success after all – well made website. First of all, we stake on advertizing on the Internet, distribution of leaflets, publications in event-magazines”. Now the person interested to add to the festive atmosphere of an air miracle is what to choose from: helium, multi-colored, weaved into bouquets, in the form of animals – balls can be any. And not one ten businessmen will undertake to execute the order. Annually in the market of aero services many “sharovikov-inventors” as for eyes each other representatives of this business indulgently call appear, and “are as much blown off”. The reason – a low price threshold of an entrance to business and the seeming simplicity of its maintaining. Usually the client chooses the order according to the catalog. That it can be – arches, garlands or a huge sphere surprise – depends on a type of action. For example, for weddings traditionally order hearts, helium balls, arches. For corporate actions – the logo of the company executed from spheres of the corresponding color scale, a garland. For children’s holidays – toys, folgirovanny balls, toons. It is the most pleasant to work when the client trusts you and when the budget of the order allows to think up something extraordinary. By the way, it happens at the Gipsy weddings. Then it is really possible not to waste time on trifles and give vent to the imagination. To learn “spherical” science on forces to everyone. In two hours it is possible to train in this knowledge of anyone. “We train in the most elementary things. We are not afraid that the pupil will become a competitor, – the businessman explains. – It is not so simple to become independent in this business from the first steps”. In more detail to consider this type of business, it is necessary to deal with what balloons in the assortment presented by you have to be. First of all it should be taken into account their durability. Everything depends on what to inflate spheres: usual air or helium. Of course, it is necessary for helium that material of a ball was stronger. It is also important that you had a wide choice of balloons of the different sizes and forms. Small and average will be ideally suited for creation of garlands and chains, various figures. Spheres, big by the size, can become the central ornament, it is possible to apply exclusive drawing or a nominal logo on it. And, of course, it is necessary to resolve an issue with the equipment. Cylinders with helium and the special pump that it was possible to inflate balls quickly will be necessary for you and without spending at the same time force. It happens to deliver spheres to players of the market nearly an every day all the year round – people order 20, 30, 50 spheres. Peak of orders, of course, in the summer – during a season of weddings (at the weekend sometimes serve 8-10 weddings). In the fall and it is necessary to decorate, as a rule, corporate parties in the winter, in the spring – to carry balls hearts for lovely ladies. The room for the first steps in this business is obligatory – at least one room of 20 sq.m where it is possible to meet clients. And later, certainly, for solidity and convenience it would be better to get apartments is more spacious – that both office, and a show room, and a warehouse – all was near. One more item of expenditure – the car. It can be, both the minibus, and the pickup – if only a cylinder was located. And garlands are inflated already on the place – not to damage spheres and not to distort drawing in transit. Expenses: The average price of a cylinder with the compressed helium of $35-47, approximately on 500 balls. Let’s take the average cost of a cylinder – $41 and we calculate prime cost of costs of gas of 1 ball: 41:500 = $Средняя ball cost – $0,15 we Summarize costs of 1 ball filled with helium: 0,0082 +0,15$ =0,232. In hryvnias it is about 1,23, in rubles – 7,42. Pribyl:zavisit from popularity of the market, vivacity of the area, advertizing, wholesale it (for various celebrations) or retail trade, holidays, well and the prices, of course. The average margin on a ball can be – 100% of expenses (plus-minus). On holidays it is possible to realize several times bigger, than usually, quantity of balls with a margin of 200 and more percent. Experts in the field estimate average profitability of business at the level of 30%. This indicator is minimum. In the period of calendar holidays profitability sharply goes up and exceeds 100%. Decoration of one hall will cost the customer 200-250 dollars. How many orders you will manage to make to pay back your business, in many respects depends on qualification of the decorating designer. The designers are more skillful, the more effectively they spend materials. So, and the net profit will increase. When the client orders a complex composition from balloons, not to do without professional. It is possible to expand the business, mastering the adjacent directions. It is logical as even more often the client is eager for a “turnkey” holiday – it just has no time and often desire, to do everything. “The client can wish to issue a holiday in one style – cloths, a decor of chairs, compositions from flowers, spheres. It often meets on children’s holidays. Some businessmen “a gentlemen’s set” are ready to include pyrotechnics and even flights on airships in this. It is possible to be sure that demand for balls will be always. The it is more original than work, the more often the client addresses you. You will offer one work – it will be pleasant, will offer other good work – too it will be pleasant. And so indefinitely”. Generally, and that bad – to think out all new and new festive counters for people? Both it is favorable to the businessman, and people in pleasure.

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