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instrumenti naprokat
instrumenti naprokat

There are things which are inexpedient to be bought, including – the construction tool. Therefore rental centers of the tool – quite have the right for existence and are small business, quite good on profitability. “Film distributors” conditionally divide the clients into three kategorii.1. The organizations – legal entities at which own electric tool is not present or failed. It is the simplest to manager to work with these clients. As a rule, they specifically know what is wanted. They do not need to tell about how it is necessary to work with this tool, necessary skills at them, as a rule, imeyutsya.2 in detail. Private builders who put the cost of hire of the tool in the cost of repair work. In spite of the fact that at this category of clients existence of skills on work with the tool is supposed, nevertheless, instructing is necessary for them. The bred repair crews are not always professional, and on ignorance break instrument.3. Individuals – nonprofessionals. It is the most numerous and “problem” category of clients. The manager has to pay them more attention, beginning from detailed instructing in use of the tool and finishing with attentive studying of the shown identity documents of the client. Location, especially first, one of the key moments and here it is necessary to consider several factors: – convenience to clients, as a rule, the rental center of the electric tool is more demanded in inhabited, perhaps dormitory area, in an industrial zone and large shopping centers it is better not to start; – for promotion it is necessary to find a point on the brisk street or pass shop. I want to warn at once that advertizing will not help to promote rental center of the electric tool if it is not favorable also to conveniently ordinary inhabitants. Potential clients not just have to see advertizing, but also encounter often tools. Only good customer reviews will help to destroy stereotype of views of hire, and on it time for which many can not wait is necessary, without having seen material return. As a rule, hire of the tool begins to bring in the income, only in half a year of stable work. During this time about hire a certain public opinion will be created and “sarafan” radio will work. Also I can notice this most effective remedy of advance of hire of the electric tool as it is much simpler to person to use such service if who – that from his acquaintances already has such experience. To precisely tell how many units of each type of the tool it is necessary to buy, difficult. The range depends on target audience. If among clients there are many summer residents, in the summer chiansaws, electrotrimmers and the other garden and garden tool with a bang will go. If there are more builders, say, jackhammers and Bulgarians are in demand, and saws and trimmers become dusty on shelves. The ratio of the tool used by clients and lying on shelves has to be ideally 90 for 10%. That is, if in assortment there are ten punchers, at any moment clients have to have nine of them on hands, and one more to lie in hire that anyone could come and to take it. It is almost impossible to predict demand before opening of rental center. Recommends to buy on one unit of each look, and further already in the course of work, being guided by needs of clients, – to increase or reduce the number of the offered tool. As it is necessary for hire from 30 types of the equipment, it is possible to count on discounts. Are ready to provide them not only wholesale suppliers – discount in 5-10% give also usual retail shops. Many owners of rental centers claim that they began with the household tool, subsequently having expanded the range with the professional equipment. The cost of that and another differs by two-three times. But the professional equipment serves longer, it can be leased to construction crews. We recommend the tool of the Makita, Bosh, Dauer, Hilti, Kress and Milwaukee brands. Depending on the chosen brand and technical characteristics the cost of a set of the equipment for hire varies from 10 to 20 thousand a dale. USA. It is better that in assortment of hire each type of the tool was one brand. When, say, any of your punchers fails, you will be able to let it on the spare part on a case of breakage of the others and cut down expenses on repair. The rental center does not assume a large number of employees. To start activity it is quite enough to have two people: director-accountant and manager. It is the best of all to select employees among people to whom you are inclined to trust, in “rolling” business one of possible types of fraud of employees is the shelter of the cash received from the client for hire of the electric tool. The salary of “film distributors” directly depends on that how many the tool visited rent at clients. Examples when the client takes the tool and vanishes together with it forever, you will be told by any head of rental center. As prokata do not take pledge, non-returns are wrapped in serious monetary losses. It is possible to be at war with unfair clients: for months to look for them, then for years to have legal proceedings. The problem of non-returns can be solved also preventive measures. Not to lease the tool to non-residents. Most of my clients – inhabitants of nearby quarters. I know many personally so I try not to give the tool to the unemployed and persons with doubtful reputation. Besides non-returns, a serious problem of rental centers of the tool – breakage. Of course, the equipment just wears out. But often clients break it as are not familiar with equipment of the address, and sometimes and at all do not know the sphere of operation of the tool. Once to me the dissatisfied client with the broken drill came. He was indignant, demanding to return him the spent money as did not receive any result from hire. I asked: “And what you drilled?” It became clear – metal. And the drill intended for works with concrete and failed, without having made any opening. Now, before giving the tool on hands, I ask the client a number of questions, I find out as well as in what conditions he is going to operate the equipment. In case of need I carry out short instructing. Choice of policy of rental center of the electric tool: – the first need to determine the price for daily and hour rent of the equipment, it should not exceed 8% of retail cost, but by experience I can recommend to quote the price more accurately and to put daily coefficient no more than 5%, then hire will enter more surely and strongly consciousness of the consumer. – the following important point of policy are conditions of hire, and I want to focus attention on this point. Risks are really real and can lead to serious consequences, for this purpose it is necessary to make the competent lease contract of the equipment favorable first of all to hire of the tool and to define mortgage coefficient. It is necessary to consider that pledge is your guarantee and a barrier not only to malefactors, but also decent clients. To post bail for equipment worth 1000 a dale. The USA not everyone can and for some this barrier will be insuperable. Mortgage cost, as a rule, makes 30% of the retail cost of the electric tool. But personally in our rental center of the tool we broke this barrier and we work at full confidence to clients, though we receive sometimes for this trust a non-return and a headache from it, but because of several swindlers there is no wish to burden conscientious clients with pledge. But at the same time it is necessary to be sure that in case of problems it will be possible to find the person. Proceeding from own experience, I can tell that in the first year of work the businessman cannot count that he will get profit. Ideal option – that there was enough money for a salary, payment of the tenancy and repair of equipment which is handed over in hire. The profit will go after the tool pays off and will be in work of 15-20 days in a month. Everything depends on that as well as where you began business. If you are engaged in hire at yourself in garage, and for the 31st day the tool already began to make profit, not really rejoice. Couple more having rolled, and it will break, it is necessary to be spent for repair. The risk to be left both without tool, and without money is big. it is better to be engaged in “rolling” business in a complex when there is a support in other kind of activity. Hire in this case works as advertizing, and the number of sales grows. And existence of own service center allows to save means at repair and prevention of the tool. Payback of rental center. Usually prokata lease the tool on the terms of daily payment. The price of hire of one unit of the tool of this term equals 8-10% of its market value. As a rule, clients take one-two units of the tool for one days. But legal entities (generally construction crews) can rent up to ten units of the tool for long terms (week and more). Rental centers do not take pledges. An indispensable condition for tenants – to have at itself the passport. The document is x-copied or just write down data that in case of a non-return it was simpler to find the unfair client. On average one unit of the tool pays for itself and begins to make profit for half a year. But there are positions which enjoy wide popularity and can pay off for few months. Experts advise to open in the summer. Peak of demand for rent of the tool – from May to October. These months new point can count on five-seven clients a day. Closer by December demand traditionally decreases – to two-three tenants daily. The average check – 15-20 dale. USA. Through a year and a half the number of the lease contracts signed in one day during the summer period can reach 10-15, and their average sum – the 30th dale. USA. The rental center can pay off in two years.

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