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Packing of goods is profitable, available and the most important today – demanded business. Unpacked today any goods do not manage – more than a half of success of sale of goods is put in its beautiful and accurate packing. And that the most interesting, many people buy goods only because of its beautiful packing. Packing is not only the person of goods – some packings are simply necessary for storage of a certain sort of goods. Therefore the high-quality and thought-over packing of goods not only will attract to it potential buyers, but also considerably will increase the term of its storage. There is a set of kinds of packing of goods. Bakery products are stored in vacuum packing. Usual trays are used for loose products. The trays which are wrapped up by a film are used for storage of meat products. A shrink-wrapping is used for cheese, meat, fish. Packing of goods in itself – quite profitable business, but any business should be adjusted competently before it begins to bring in the income. To be engaged in packing of products as a separate type of business not always expediently and favourably. Offer packing services, generally the firms which are engaged in wholesale purchase of products or producers of any product. To start business it is worth buying several packing devices and to employ workers. Requirements to qualification of such employees are absent therefore to take the person with the higher education to anything. Sign the standard contract with one-two supermarkets or producers of production. Costs of packing of goods, depending on its type, make several kopeks. Leaning on expenses determine the optimum cost of your services. It is necessary to consider that the device consumes the electric power for which it is necessary to pay. Therefore all expenses need to be included in cost of your services. The organization of packing shop will require the room about 100 sq.m, from them 15-20 m are taken away under shop where the capital equipment, 40-60 m – under a warehouse, 5 m – under a sanitary zone – a toilet and a wash basin will be installed. According to health requirements, walls of shop need to be painted aqueous emulsion ink on height of 1,8 m, to install good ventilating system. Warehouses have to be equipped with ventilating system, the regulator of temperature and protection against rodents. Besides, the equipment has to meet all standards of fire service. All electrical wiring and water – gas pipelines it is necessary to conclude in metal casings. After purchase of the equipment it is necessary to call the expert from the center of standardization and metrology at which experimental packing and who will write out “testimonial” for operation of units becomes. If the shop is completed with the semi-automatic equipment, then on its service one person, and, without vocational education is required. Completely it is possible to be trained in work on the unit in 5-7 days. If the unit is not completed with the conveyor, then its service will require also the loader who will substitute empty and to carry away full, with ready packings, boxes. The main requirement for employees of packing shop – existence of the sanitary book. Therefore the major companies having the trademark get also the biologists (quarantine inspectors) over time. For work of shop it is necessary to process the following allowing documents: – The hygienic certificate on a product which has to pack up. This document assures that concrete rice is pure from any bad influence of parasites and does not contain traces of their activity. – The official document on a packing film. – The certificate on the equipment which will confirm that units are made according to all state standard specifications and OST. In order that besides packing to be engaged in sale of a ready-made product, it is necessary to obtain the license for wholesale trade in loose products in regional administration and to be registered as the legal entity and as the business owner in tax administration. The choice of a packing material depends not only on the cost of the equipment and raw materials, but also on features of the product. For example, flour before packing can have humidity of 12-16% and if to hide it in a polymeric film, then within a week the product will just grow mouldy. When purchasing a film the businessman has to demand from the seller the document with the original name “Health regulations and norms. The admissible number of migration of the chemicals which are emitted from the polymeric materials contacting to foodstuff”. Also on each consignment of goods still so-called “Quality certificate” is given. Even today in modern business the packing role in goods sales volumes is underestimated. There is an archaic opinion that rather high quality and low price to stimulate sales. So, packing is not only the fact that allows to transport a product from the producer to the buyer. Packing is: – what first of all draws attention of your buyer – advertizes goods and you as producer (or the seller) goods, – such combination of flowers as on your packing, the buyer next time on a counter, – on phone numbers which are specified on packing will look for, shops and regional wholesalers will order goods, – it is possible, packing, lower at cost, will become your trump in price war with competitors, – only convenient packing in storage and transportation can reduce prime cost of goods and open the new markets. Requirements to individual packing of goods: – transparency; – durability; – low cost; – decent appearance; – an opportunity to hang out goods on the stand; – a label with exhaustive information and a bar code; – insertion in packing of a special magnetic strip for prevention of carrying out of goods from the hall. Profitability of packing business keeps on three foundations – it is the circulation of the ordered packing, prime cost of a form for the blister and raw materials. A lot of things depend also on profitability of the equipment and the organization of work. Some capital companies reduce product cost, placing shops on the suburb of the city where rent of floor spaces is 15-20% cheaper. Experts consider that optimization of all expenses can increase profitability of production twice – from standard 20% to 40%.

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