Shirts not demanding washings

rubashki bez stirki
rubashki bez stirki

So it turned out that in modern society material values give way a non-material, and the most expensive resource in life of each active person again there is time. Demand, as we know, gives rise to the offer. Today in the market there are more and more goods and the services allowing to save this precious time: fast food restaurants, electronic systems for reduction of turns, the express delivery and even jeans with effect of SPA which are looking after skin of legs directly during the movement. Experts consider as one more break in this direction an idea of the Wool&Prince company – the “clever” uncreasable shirts which are not demanding washing and an ironing within 100 days of their daily use. In the spring of this year the young American company Wool&Prince placed the announcement on the crowdfunding platform of fund raising for financing of the “clever shirts” project. The placement purpose Wool&Prince was attraction of investments of $30 000, however idea of a shirt which it is possible to carry more than three months without loss of initial smoothness and freshness, it turned out so interesting that by already beginning of June it was succeeded to attract about $300 000. It is known that even at the accuratest owners, business shirts usually demand washing and a repeated otglazhivaniye after one day of use. The idea of a “clever” shirt just consists in that it, it was possible to carry on an equal basis with usual jeans, i.e. to put on several times before it becomes too dirty or crumpled. Certainly, this rule does not extend to pollution like spots from coffee on a breast pocket, however lack of zamyatost and an unpleasant smell after, for example, whole summer of active use, developers guarantee. Material of which the wonderful shirt is made is advanced alternative of traditional wool though according to the invoice it reminds cotton more, for as received the name Cotton-Soft. Except that wool in itself is steadier material in comparison with cotton or silk, the new type of processing of thin wool which allows to make tissue of softer, and threads more flexible is the cornerstone of the production technology of “soft cotton”. In total these properties also provide to a product function of “creaseresistance”. Besides, the second key feature of new material is ability more effectively to absorb and hold the moisture which is formed on a body of the person. It is no secret that allocations of sweat glands in itself of the person have no smell, but at long contact with skin they get a characteristic unpleasant smell. New material is capable to absorb completely these allocations, without allowing them to adjoin to skin, thereby allowing to avoid an unpleasant smell during a long period. Material, thanks to processing, has also no unpleasant smell. The usual woolen shirt developed by the Pendleton company which founder, by the way, is the father of the author of a “clever” shirt Mack Bishop (Mac Bishop) became a novelty prototype from Wool&Prince. Subsequently material and its form were finished, and already under the Wool&Prince brand in the updated design and with expanded functionality the “clever” shirt was born. After end of a stage of development, the first 15 samples of a product were transferred to testing to volunteers from New York who had to wear shirts in the usual life and during travel for a long time. Moreover, Mack Bishop personally wore a shirt within three months then tested its qualities (freshness, smoothness, an unpleasant smell) for passersby. The general opinion by results of testing was unambiguous – a condition of a shirt “as after a dry-cleaner”. Today Wool&Prince shirts are available in four different styles at the price of $98 apiece in the pre-order mode, however in the near future the company expects to begin mass production of the production. Experts of the market believe that development of similar products in the future, can correct consumer demand towards reduction of frequency of purchases, increase in their cost for unit, and also the choice of clothes, more practical and steady against damage.

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