Repair of the damaged autoglasses

remont avtostekol
remont avtostekol

On windshields of cars very often there are small damages to a type of chips and cracks. As a rule, they appear from hit of a stone in a windshield and, beginning with small “spider”, in the course of further operation of the car, develop into huge cracks, worsening the review and creating a movement threat to security. It was necessary to change glass because of a small stone! But so was earlier, the technology of repair of autoglasses did not appear yet! The main objective of rescue and recovery operations consists in mechanical restoration of the damaged site by means of polymer (adhesive pitch) and the subsequent polymerization of the restored area for stabilization of structure of material and improvement of appearance of the repaired site. Let’s consider what represents repair of a crack. In fact, the crack in a windshield is its break, so, repair of glass is in filling this crack with special polymer. It would seem, and everything, but far from it. It appears a crack it is necessary “to catch” that it did not continue “to grow”, and here for this purpose it is necessary to go to the master. Believe, at the master the hand when drilling your windshield will not tremble. He will correctly arrange a drill and will make an artificial chip. When drilling is made, the drill does not pass completely the first layer of glass, the windshield consists of two glasses which are stuck together among themselves by a special film, and already then the chip which “catches” the end of a crack becomes. Whether the crack after repair will be visible? In direct visibility is not present, but it is possible to see a thin filament (a crack trace) under a certain corner of light. Only from you, too a lot of things depend. I will dare to give to you several advice.
1.    Do not start a crack (as soon as appeared on repair at once).
2.    You carry a transparent adhesive tape that it was possible to stick the damaged glass site.
3.    If there is no opportunity to approach quickly on glass repair, then try to implement clause No. 2 and not to direct having blown in warm air on a windshield (especially in the winter).
4.    Try not to “catch” stones on roads.
The technology is simple in application
The cost of repair makes about 1-2,5 US dollars for 1 cm of a crack, a chip – about 7-15 US dollars. Thus, restoration of a crack in 20 cm will cost 20-50 US dollars while replacement of the cheapest glass costs a minimum 110 US dollars. As far as it is favorable to a workshop? The cost of a set which includes 8 ounces of polymer makes about 1100 US dollars. One ounce is enough on average for 450-600 cm of cracks that corresponds to revenue in 830-1100 US dollars (at the price of 1,9 US dollars for see). Respectively 8 ounces – 6600 – 8900 US dollars.
Set cost    The polymer ounce price    A polymer consumption    The repair price    The income from one ounce
1300 US dollars    56 US dollars    1 ounce = 500 cm    1,9 dollars of the USA/cm    920th dale. USA
The main reason for repair – restoration of the damaged glass is an ensuring its durability and extension of service life, and visual improvement of appearance has to be regarded rather as an additional benefit of repair and recovery system.
At the correct carrying out repair work and observance of all recommendations improvement of appearance of defect of a windshield makes not less than 70 – 95%
The repair set of INSAFE firm provides the maximum convenience of recovery work and the most effective end result. The system offered by us is developed on the basis of the latest technologies and at the correct application guarantees visual restoration of defect for 80 – 95%.
Time of recovery work at repair of glass makes of 30 minutes till 1,5 o’clock.

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