Realistic 3D-mask-3dpf

If you ever, for some unknown reasons, dreaming to get into highly accurate copy of his own face, now your dream has all chances to come true. The Japanese company called REAL-f creates a so-called «3DPF» – photoforms three-dimensional, three-dimensional copies of a human face. Anyone can buy a bulk copy of your face two types – the type of mask or a dummy. The latter is an exact copy of the entire head, not just the face. The manufacturing process of 3D-mask – a copy of the person is relatively simple. Please take a few pictures of her face from different angles, and then the image is put on a rubber sheet of vinyl stretched over a mannequin. As promised manufacturer, a unique innovative technology allows you to recreate every detail of the “original”, including the color of the irises of the eyes or blood vessels, stood on the skin. The cost of 3D-mask – a copy of the person is $ 3920. If you decide for some reason to make additional copies, it will cost you $ 780 apiece. For a copy of the entire volume of the head will have to pay $ 5875. Those wishing to donate to the memory of his busts of all the relatives and friends for each subsequent instance will have to pay $ 1960. Although it is not clear how to use this extraordinary invention – 3D-mask – a copy of the person, the business idea has a great approval among Internet users. However, it is rather a novelty in the technologies used, but not in fact. Thus, the site anyone for a long time can order a copy of the mask-your face with your eyes open and in full color. Custom LifeMask company uses to produce their masks contemporary technology of three-dimensional image and a composite material. To order volume mask from his face, enough to upload your photos from different angles, to pay the cost of making a copy (only $ 299 apiece) and wait for two weeks. Before starting mask production model, your mail will send its 3D-image for approval. The manufacturer offers several options for using its unusual products. Volume masks can be used as decorations for the interior, fasten dummy or doll. For those wishing to use a mask for its original purpose Custom LifeMask offers a special model with slits for eyes, nostrils and the holes for the ropes with which the mask can be attached to the head. However, all this can be done alone at home with a conventional drill.

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