Production of the shining bricks

The original gadget was offered to the market by the British company Smart Solar. Since 2003 this firm is engaged in developments and production of the useful devices working at solar energy. The offered novelty – a brick in a form and appointment. But a brick not the idle time made of strong plastic, having inside the electric power accumulator, and outside on two photo cell and a light-emitting diode. As envisioned by engineers, the device will serve for autonomous illumination of roads, sidewalks, creation of accents in architectural constructions. Being established, for example, in a path near the house, such bricks in a day accumulate solar energy. In twilight light-emitting diodes which create soft yellow illumination automatically join. Accumulators in a gadget nickel – manganese, replaced. Their charge lasts for several business hours of illumination (till eight o’clock). Bricks from Smart Solar maintain car weight, so can be applied also in places where pass cars. The gadget can be bought on the Internet. On bricks with illumination were on sale at the price of $59 for double packing. Smart Solar have no own sales channels of production, the firm uses for this purpose trade partners. And in it there is a possibility of mutually advantageous work for the Russian business.

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