Production of soft ice cream

soft icecream
soft icecream

If you do not speak about prospects of this idea in summertime it is already obvious, then to tell about technology of the production of soft ice cream there is a sense. Since the childhood we saw what wonderfully from the car there is an ice cream, but as it occurs, always remained a riddle. So, the production technology of soft ice cream to pain is simple and actually, it is possible to do this type of ice cream not only industrially, but also houses, having some main components, such as:
1. A milling cutter (the device on production of soft ice cream)
2. Dry mix for production of ice cream
So one after another. Frizera, that is devices for production of ice cream, exist several types and configurations, beginning from house to the solid units capable to make up to 50 kilograms of a ready-made product. Depending on the producer, dimensions and power also the cost of such unit considerably differs. At the market there are both models for 5000 dollars, and cheaper analogs of domestic producers for 1500 dollars. For start of own business it is worth using cheaper options of the equipment that in turn will allow to reduce load of new business. As additional alternative on reduction of the necessary sum of the starting capital it should be taken into account also second-hand purchase of the equipment. The main condition is the possibility of maintenance of such unit. That is before purchase it is worth taking care of search of the suitable mechanic for second-hand service of the equipment. One of the biggest problems of milling cutters it is rather big weight of the equipment that complicates its use in figurative points. Thus, even prior to business, at a stage of development of the business plan, it is worth thinking over the concept of a business model and as actually you plan to develop the business further. Actually it means that if in plans there is use of the equipment not only in one point, but also, for example, periodic transportation of a milling cutter for participation in any actions for the city, or it is banal a re-deployment to places of a congestion of the people in the same park, or the beach for the weekend, think of purchase of the equipment with traficability. The part of the equipment is initially supplied with rollers, it is possible to install a platform for transportation on second-hand devices. On average one milling cutter of average power weighs more than 100 kilograms. As for the new equipment, naturally buy the equipment for production of ice cream only with a guarantee, and also you remember that the Chinese producers though in large quantities entered the market, but have no necessary technical base on elementary repair of the equipment in the territory of the country yet. The technology of preparation of soft ice cream both in house conditions, and in small business is as follows:
– we prepare a container for stirring which consists of a bucket and a nimbus for stirring;
– we fill in a necessary amount of water in a bucket, water has to be room temperature;
– slowly we pour out necessary amount of dry mix and at the same time we mix;
– after preliminary hashing we leave the mix “be insisted”, depending on dry mix process takes 15-20 minutes;
– we fill in ready mix in a milling cutter and in 6 minutes ice cream can be sold.
The technology of the preparation of soft ice cream is rather simple and does not demand special qualification, one of the main conditions in the process not to break a proportion between water and dry mix. Violation of proportions leads to sharp deterioration of ice cream and, as a result, loss of your reputation.

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