Production of design keys

In the person everything has to be fine: both soul, and body, and thoughts. The designers who are not deprived of taste help to reduce the outside world in harmony with the person fine. As without looking on any crises primary needs of citizens of the developed countries normally are satisfied, and toilers of a mouse and the graphic tablet do not despair to earn by the work. So in the middle of 2009 in America the former designer of Honda carmaker created the Stat Key LLC company which is engaged in design of keys.

According to Stat Key daily functional boring things are not obliged to look daily boringly. Therefore the company sells the nickelized preparations for $11 original forms for keys of locks of the Kwikset system. And for $130 of Stat Key will develop keys of unique design under the customer and will make them at the price of $15 apiece. In the future the company plans preparation and other standards to master. Recently the company was engaged not only a form of keys, but also an engraving. The new ruler with the drawings put with the laser got even to a gift set for stars to which current 2010 entice celebrities (that is, speaking marketing language, leaders of opinions) on a ceremony “Oscar”. Calculation on the fact that ordinary citizens will want to buy the same what stars have. The price at novelties – $18.

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