Pressure chamber for weight loss – business idea

barokamera dlya pohudaniya
barokamera dlya pohudaniya

Ideas of lazy fitness without efforts and the exhausting exercises, that is, ideas of a velnes haunt enterprising citizens. The next offer for the sphere of velnes-services is done by the American CVAC Systems. Its CVAC technology subjects a human body to frequent pressure differences of air, rendering a positive effect. The single capsule pressure chamber of CVAC has a chair for “passenger” and is closed by a transparent tight cover. The device is supplied with the compressor operated by electronics. During the work of a pressure chamber pressure and temperature inside quickly change according to the put program, imitating change of heights above sea level. It invigorates an organism of the patient and forces blood system to work more effectively. So far CVAC position just as addition to fitness or a velnes. The partner of CVAC Systems in the territory of the USA – a network of the clinics relieving people of excess weight. Medical researches of technology are conducted, and the company reports about positive results from use of a pressure chamber at the treatment of diabetes and diseases accompanied with chronic pain. Clients are enticed in CVAC pressures chamber safety (at control of the expert), unforgettable feelings from a session and advantage for health, giving experience of use of pressures chamber in training of professional athletes.

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