Portable solar panel

Mobile devices – phones, players, portable computers are the things useful at work and on vacation. Without many gadgets it is already impossible to present our life. But, unfortunately, they have a shortcoming – limited operating time and need of recharge of the accumulator. Someone from producers solves this problem, increasing power consumption of accumulators, and here engineers of Sanyo looked at a problem on the other hand and developed compact panels which in the absence of the electrosocket will feed your gadget with energy of the sun. The ergonomic Eneloop Portable Solar panel folding bed has the book sizes (174 x 204 x 26 mm in folded form, weight less than 500 g). The electricity developed by its photo cells collects in the small accumulator which gives current of 3,7 volts and, being completely loaded, easily and for a long time will recover two mobile phones. In the Japanese market release of figurative panels of two types – unary (at the price of 9000 yens, about $95) and double is expected (at the price of 14000 yens, about $150). At a sunny weather the simple panel will charge your mobile phone in 40 minutes, double – in 20 minutes. Designers provided a magnetic latch of a folding bed and a ring for suspension of the panel. Eneloop Portable Solar – a useful thing for those who like to have a good time and work outdoors or office and at the same time do not want to refuse achievements of progress.

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