Points with autofocusing

It is not excluded that soon together with phone, a player and the camera for the socket for recharge points will begin to compete. The American company PixelOptics decided that if cameras learned autofocusing of a lens, then why not to make something similar for points, people would like to use the same points, both for examining of remote objects, and for reading. Many people have problems with sight. After 40-year age of those in general the majority. Of course, now for them there are already options, allowing to manage one points for the different purposes (bifocal, progressive points), but they are not deprived of shortcomings: the lower part of lenses “is ground” under reading, that is for examining of objects within a half a meter therefore the same steps under legs turn out indistinct, besides the visible zone unpleasantly decreases, it is necessary to look only through a half of a lens. Electronic points of emPower are offered as the advanced alternative to it and therefore there a stuffing in the form of batteries, sensors of an inclination, microchips and liquid crystals. Having included points a contact of a handle, the sensor of a tilt angle begins to define where the person looks, and depending on it the processor changes orientation of liquid crystals in the lower part of lenses. Thus, curvature of lenses approximately adapts to necessary. According to promises of PixelOptics the product will be available for test sale in the spring of this year. The price of points with autofocusing is expected around $1000 – $1200. They will be made to order as it is necessary to select also lenses, and there will be a choice from 36 types of frames. Besides lenses can be replaced. In appearance emPower quite to themselves resemble points of luxury brands so you should not be afraid of unattractive image. One inconvenience – it is necessary not to forget to recharge a gadget of times in two – three days. PixelOptics points with autofocusing hope to snip off a piece from the fat market – only in one USA for 2010 36,8 million bifocal and progressive points were sold. Of course, the price of an electronic novelty will be not everything on a pocket, but once so spoke also about mobile phones.

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