Organization of the training company

At the beginning of the 21st century in the world the training companies began to appear. Now the Russian organizations give preference to training of the employees and increase of their motivation to work by means of trainings. Trainings develop certain skills and increase the level of professionalism of workers. Because demand for services of the training companies remains at the high level, it gives the chance of creation of the new companies. If you decide to found the training company, then for this purpose you will need no big financial investments. To you will enough have small base of trainers whom you will be able to invite for training of personnel. But at first you should find the corporate client who will be interested in training services. You sign the contract with it, and already then choose the trainer it is necessary for qualification. The training company can organize trainings practically on any specialty. Advantage of this approach consists that at the organization of the company you will incur the minimum expenses which most part will be paid from the money received from the client. But also there is a number of difficulties which you should face. First, involving experts from outside, you carry out mediatorial functions. In this regard the customer can employ the trainer himself, without overpaying at the same time to the intermediary. Secondly, your company at an initial stage will not be able to offer continuous cooperation to the clients. The reason of it is covered that the project of your company is cheap. Also your company will not be able to brag of non-standard approaches to training. Thirdly, in the activity you will apply the most widespread techniques and training materials of low quality. And clients, having used your services, perhaps, will be limited to non-repeat orders. In order that services of your company remained demanded, despite presence of competitors, try to offer your clients something interesting and standing. If you have funds for keeping of highly professional trainers, and you will be able to offer clients the high level of service, then, despite big financial investments, your business will make great success. And now let’s count, in how many you creation of the training company can manage. You will be able to employ one professional coach with sufficient experience for 100 thousand rubles a month. If you seriously want to be engaged these in business, then in the staff you have to have not less than 15-20 trainers who will specialize in different branches. At the same time labor costs on average will make not less than 25 million rubles. Also to be necessary for you for work the solid room in which all your employees will be able to accommodate. The optimum size of the room has to make about 400 sq.m of calculation that 20 trainers and 10 employees will work for you. Costs of a tenancy will make about 5 million rubles a year. Let’s sum up the result. To start work of your company to be necessary for you not less than 25 million rubles. It is quite decent sum, but your business will pay off over time. The following stage – definition of model of work of the company. Now there are two options: the companies the offering quality services, and the companies which are guided by providing standard services. For quality rendering of services you will need highly skilled trainers, with a wide experience of work in this sphere. In such a way you will ensure long-term cooperation with your clients. As a rule, the good staff of trainers will be able to work on non-standard projects which will make for you big profit. If you choose the second option, then you have to provide everything difficulty, and first of all try to make standardization of the approach to work a distinctive feature of the company, among competitors. The most important in the training company – personnel. From experience, qualification, and a class of employees the success of your business depends. Therefore, try to pay as much as possible attention to a set of employees. The good trainer has to have the diploma of the psychologist and a vast experience of work in this sphere. High quality experts cost much and you have to be ready to a correcting of the initial budget. If you want that your business grew and developed, then you need to have the clients ready to invest big money in training of the employees. If you the beginner, then on search of long-term contracts at you leaves a lot of time. Therefore it is possible to estimate work of the company only after the first year of work. After everything read you can draw a conclusion that it is impossible to begin business in the presence of a small amount of money. All is possible, but only for this purpose you have to be the good trainer and manage to find quite good team for further work. You remember, “you cannot pull a fish out of a pond without labour”.

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