Organization of the copy center

The need of the population for the copy centers grows every day. Constantly something is required: to copy, unpack, fill in information on SD, the flash-card, to make or unpack ready blank forms, contracts, etc., to laminate the document; – will fill cartridges, to fill in the questionnaire on the international passport and another. All this, and in the long term and it will be possible to perform other printing works in copying centers. Workers of business centers, the state enterprises, students of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and just “any passers-by” can be clients. You will have them all the year round, irrespective of a season. First of all, it is necessary will decide on the location of our little shop. It is the best of all that it was in the downtown or in other recovered place where many HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, the enterprises, business centers and public institutions are located. In these parts our future clients all day long live. The room can be rented, and it is possible to construct or buy a small booth – everything depends on the settlement in which you will organize business. Further we start purchase of the equipment. You need the photocopier (copier), and also the computer with the printer, the scanner and, it is desirable, with connection to the Internet. Where to take the equipment for copying center and to what of firms to give preference? Now not the problem to acquire the copy equipment. It is a lot of firms which are engaged as they delivery of equipment of a certain brand, and can offer you the price list including all equipment, necessary for copying center. Managers of such firms not only will make delivery of the equipment to you in office, but also will make “turnkey” installation. When all already on the places, make the list of the provided services. Determine the prices, being guided by their demand. Copy works and listing of documents – the most demanded services therefore on them there have to be smallest prices. Services in a data recording on disks and to drawing up blank forms enjoy smaller “popularity”, so the prices of them have to be a little higher. Having the corresponding skills, you will be able to provide services in gas station of cartridges also. However, despite quite high demand of this service, the price of it often rather big. As you understand, the modern copying center demands qualified specialists. At staff there has to be a designer, for processing of documents and their various adjustment, the modern digital equipment demands the good expert, despite simplicity in the address. And, of course, expenses on advertizing without which opening of any enterprise does not do. To attract clients, it is necessary to spend funds for advertizing. Type into the computer and print out handbills, distribute them to students that in case of need, they knew where to address. Hang up on an entrance door a bright sign with the name of copying center or at an entrance to the building put a billboard. In the excellent way to attract clients, there will be placement of information on your firm on the Internet. In such a way you will draw attention not only students, but also many persons interested to use your services. Post on the website information on the offered services and the price list with the prices of them. Like tell at what equipment you work, interest clients in discounts and bonuses. Now let’s count expenses and the income of copying center. It will be necessary to pay for a tenancy, on average, $200, depending on a location. On the equipment still about 1000 dollars will leave. Do not forget that it is necessary to spread once a month approximately for $100 for paper and expendables. If your opportunities does independently not serve clients of your copying center, it is necessary to employ the keyboarder. Then consider when calculating its monthly salary – about $200. In the sum, you should spend monthly 500 dollars. As practice shows, the usual copy center in a month brings from $1000 to $1500 of the income. Everything depends on where it will be located what services will provide and how many this most will cost. It turns out that the similar project pays off in 3-4 months.

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