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paintball club
paintball club

The paintball, in translation from English means “the painting sphere”. It is a team game in the war games familiar to each boy and the little girl since the childhood. The main weapon is the special air rifles differently called by markers which shoot small balls with paint. Getting to the person, or other subject, balls burst and fill in with paint all around. For opening of the paintball club it is necessary to have about five-ten thousand dollars. This price includes purchase of regimentals and arrangement of the ground. The payback period of club averages year, at the accounting of the fact that the monthly profit will remain at the level of thousands dollars. Somebody thought up those gelatinous balls for a paintball, with the speaking surname of Peynt. From here and the name of game, but about it a little later. In the beginning paintball balls were used not in those purposes at all, than now. They, strangely enough, were used in agriculture. Namely, helped lazy farmers to mark trees and cattle. And here year 1976 can be considered sign as then, two friends – the broker Joseph Vineybl and the writer Charles Gaines inspired with a recent trip for a safari to Africa thought, as if to create something similar, but where hunting would be conducted not on animals, and on people. It is natural to do at the same time without the victims. Helped to realize idea of friends – George Butler, having shown them the marker used several years in agriculture. In the beginning “war game” was played in a small circle of friends, and five years later, there was a first paintball team consisting of people of different colors: from the broker to the film producer. The essence of game consisted in capture of the flag located on the hill. (It is possible to order production of a flag according to individual sketches in any polygraphy). There was all this on eighty acres of the woody district. Later the firm which signed the contract with Nelson Peynt’s firm was organized. In Russia for the first time the paintball appeared in 1992, its more active development began with the middle of the 90th years. At this time the first competitions began to take place, various associations and federations appeared. The number of players leaves about 9-10 million people worldwide. The average cost of game – 700-1 500 rubles. The price varies depending on the number of players, the used equipment, etc. The paintball as show business steadily grows what tells emergence of new clubs in the territory of the country about. At the correct approach it is possible to create the interesting and profitable business capable to bring pleasure to people and money to you. The club can be used in several directions:
To use as the entertaining platform for the active people wishing to test adrenaline in blood;
As the platform for training of law enforcement and security agencies;
As the platform for carrying out corporate competitions, etc.
Use under all above-mentioned directions is possible.
The main means of livelihood – a payment for hire of the equipment, balls, suits and the ground. Besides it is possible to sell the paintball equipment and to organize master classes. It should be noted that the paintball is especially popular among office workers and not only as means of entertainment. In the West, some companies check applicants for positions not by passing of standard interview, and by game in a paintball. Revealing its personal qualities, ability to behave in a stressful situation, ability to operate people will also obey to orders. All this says only about one that on a paintball it is possible to construct successful business today.
Arrangement of paintball club
Paintball club it is possible to arrange practically anywhere, whether it be children’s camp, sanatorium, boarding house or rest house. The area of the ground has to be more than two thousand square meters. For convenience of clients, the club has to be located approximately in thirty minutes of driving from the city. The ground has to be fenced, in order to avoid hit on its territory of strangers. The territory of club has to have modern infrastructure: convenient entrance, supervised parking, locker rooms, shower cabins, halls of rest. Also existence of bar will not prevent and pass cafe where it is possible to drink and have a bite, after battle. A paintball – seasonal game which play from April to October under the open sky. In the rest of the time use of the covered rooms is desirable.
Registration of paintball club
There are no special requirements to registration of paintball club. You can register firm as Ltd company or as SP. Skilled businessmen from this area recommend to be a part of already known paintball club or to buy the franchize. It will save time and money for advance of the club.
Equipment for a paintball
The most minimum set of regimentals includes ten sets: suits, masks, air rifles, cylinders with air and balls with paint. The price for such set makes about three thousand dollars. There are several firms offering ready sets for the organization of paintball club. As a rule, the prices at them are a little lower. Also they offer the alternative equipment, for example, cylinders which work not at nitrogen or compressed air, and at carbon dioxide. Purchase of such cylinders will cost to you time in four cheaper. The cost of a camouflage depends on the applied material and fluctuates ranging from two hundred rubles, to one thousand for unit. The price of packing of the spheres brought by the main business from the USA makes 1 500-2 000 rubles.
Personnel for club
The staff of paintball club first of all depends on the scale of the business opened by you. The minimum staff has to consist of the following characters: the director, managers, the technician, two judges who will watch a match between teams. For effective advance of business does not place to employ advertizing and marketing managers. If in your club there is a bar and cafe, then still the personnel respectively are required: bartender, waiters, cleaner, etc.

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