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private school
private school

General education activity not only is always demanded, but also is necessary. However not always education level is due therefore even more often parents look for private schools at which it is possible to receive the qualified help in development of all objects for the children. And if there is such demand, there has to be also an offer. Today there are many private schools, but opening of such institution often is followed by a number of difficulties. Nevertheless, opening of private school is one of the most attractive, the interesting and paid-back types of business, especially if to approach this process intelligently and carefully to study all nuances and regularities of this type of business. As it was already noted, opening of private school represents quite difficult process. First of all, it is necessary to get permission to implementation of teaching activity for what it is necessary to follow an uncountable set of instructions about which it is possible to learn in regional office of national education. Further it will be required to find and lease the suitable room which owing to specifics of business has to be enough big sizes, make in it the capital repairs creating to children safe and comfortable conditions and also to take care of acquisition of the corresponding home decoration. It should be noted that it is quite heavy to gain income to private school. For payment and a raising of a salary it is necessary to take the pupils paying about 500 dollars a month. Only such way is the only legal option of earnings for private school. Unfortunately, from school it is impossible to create, for example, closed joint stock company and to receive dividends from actions or to open a savings account for accumulation of profit. Specifics of school is that it has to spend all funds only for itself. Moreover, the private school far will be given not at once the state accreditation that means that graduates should take twice examinations – directly at private school and in the state educational institution. And their carrying out as training and preparation for examinations at comprehensive school makes sense to cancel or use internal examinations at all. Advantage of private schools is that unlike state they can expand a framework of standard general education programs and increase a number of hours, the children and their parents who are taken away on objects according to interests. Moreover, techniques and programs which allow to develop at children leadership skills, skill to communicate and business activity accustom to private schools. It should be noted that for private schools questions of language training are priority. Today many parents the knowledge the children of foreign languages worries. Therefore it makes sense to enter into the program one-two obligatory languages and two more – facultatively. Moreover, quite often at private schools carry out training of children for examination on foreign languages with obtaining the international certificate. The prospect and a possibility of arrival of the children in concrete higher educational institutions is even more important for parents. For this reason the most successful private schools are guided by certain prestigious HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and, proceeding from intentions of pupils, in the senior classes select the special programs urged to prepare graduates for further receipt. For attraction as it is possible the bigger number of pupils private schools have to develop own author’s programs for profound studying of these or those objects, without forgetting at the same time about the basic curriculum which is accepted for the public comprehensive schools. The vast majority of private schools gains developments thanks to enthusiasm of the founders and pedagogical collectives which are brought together by them. As a rule, private schools are opened by teachers innovators to whom within programs of the public comprehensive schools it became at some point close. At the same time other investors do not seek to pay the attention to sector of private general education services, do not perceive it profitable and do not hurry to make in it the money. It is connected with the fact that according to the law of the Russian Federation “About education” private schools represent non-profit organizations in which all earned money has to be allocated for definite purposes by the charter. At the same time the owner can only get profit as the salary added to him. Besides, one more factor frightening investors is that in a srednetsenovy, most mass segment the profit reaches no more than 3,5-7 thousand dollars. And owners should spend the most part of profit in development of new training programs or their acquisition, in the organization of educational process, compensation of non-staff teachers, and also for a covering of different contingencies. Formation of the income of private schools is carried out for 70% at the expense of a monthly tuition fee, for 15-20% at the expense of grants and the help of sponsors, for 3-7% due to introductory payments. One more source is carrying out at school of additional paid lessons, however their share in profit does not exceed 2-5%

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