Minicreamery business

You want to organize own mini-creamery? Then try to receive the status of “an agricultural producer” that will allow you to use considerable privileges during payment of taxes. For production it is possible to use both with own hand grown up seeds and bought in the market. You should not neglect also processing of “someone else’s” raw materials that will allow to get the necessary acquaintances and communications. It is worth meaning that your income will depend directly on stability of the market, and will provide employment to rendering services to other businessmen even in the most hard times. Legal side of business the Semi-handicraft enterprise does not demand any special permissions, the income will not become multimillion. Rules of sanitary and epidemiologic station which specialists will demand to arrange mainly a mini-creamery far from gas station or the other “stinking” enterprises will become the main requirements which assume surely execution. You should not ignore also instructions of fire service, a water utility and experts electro – and gas-services. The domestic market of oils will accomodate everyone Today large MEZ and MZhK, and also small oil milling trade are presented at the domestic market. The mini-creamery belongs to the last group and in Soviet period belonged to the state and worked practically in each settlement. Power of such enterprise made from 3 to 5 t. seeds in days, the raw materials were generally earned or stolen by collective farmers, and then processed on oil. This direction is active began to develop in Post-Soviet times when mini-business became available practically to each Russian. Today small representatives of this branch make quite serious competition to the large enterprises in some regions, their production extends among peasants. It should be noted that oils can get profit on mini-production both the small, and large enterprises. The first receive raw materials almost free of charge, and the second win due to sales in the market where there are practically no additional costs. According to experts, this niche is almost occupied with the operating mini-shops, but at desire it will contain a lot more the beginning businessmen. For success it is necessary to organize competently delivery of raw materials and sale of already finished goods, and in 3 or 5 months all production expenses will pay off, and profitability will make 20%.
How to choose the room?
Oil milling shop, as well as any other pishchepererabatyvayushchy production has to conform to requirements of different supervising services. For example, the room for “crush” of 100-125 kg of sunflower seeds an hour has to occupy 35-40 sq.m. A floor has to be concrete, and walls on two meters from a floor should be equipped with the painted panels, above – to whitewash. Such room can be used for processing of raw materials and a filtration of ready oil or to divide these zones a partition. The storage for sunflower seeds has to be not less than 50-80 sq.m., otherwise they will deteriorate. It is necessary to provide one more room – for cake warehousing – of 30-40 sq.m. At the same time it should be taken into account such feature of this product as self-ignition and to warn production against the fire. Try to thrust into hot weather a dry wooden stick in a heap with cake and if it became hotter – urgently prepare the fire extinguisher or get rid of a product. It is the best of all to store sunflower oil in capacities with a total amount of 10-15 cubes, and the room has to be not less than 20-30 sq.m. By the way, period of storage of finished goods is defined by a sanepidstantion, specifying it in the certificate of quality.
Become the real diplomat
Having decided to begin the business with a mini-creamery it is necessary to resolve the main issues – where to take raw materials and where to celebrate finished goods. Keep in mind that stability of your enterprise directly depends on reliability and stability of these decisions that will allow to plan further expenses and to predict profit. Experts recommend to start even in the fall contact with suppliers of sunflower seeds who are in close proximity to the mini-creamery location that will allow to minimize costs of transportation and sunflower seeds.
Competently we choose the equipment
To start work of a creamery it is necessary to acquire also the specialized equipment, it as equipment for reception, transportation and storage of seeds. You should not forget also about the equipment on which preliminary preparation of seeds for an extraction, and also pressing, filtering and purification of vegetable oils will be made. Standard oiliness of already ready-made product has to make from 33% to 57%, at the same time it is necessary to make every effort for greatest “return” from everyone sunflower seeds. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the most optimum technology of an extraction. Algorithm of actions by production of oil following: to clear seeds of foreign impurity, to bring down them – to remove pod, to pass weight through the eliminating separator, to provaltsevat – to crush a seed, to drench with heat and to moisten the developed myatka then alburnum from which actually and oil is wrung out will turn out, and she turns into cake. The special attention needs to be shown during processing by warm air of a myatka, the volume of the final product depends on it. You should not exceed temperature of an air stream more than 120 degrees, at the same time all useful substances will practically be destroyed. After an extraction, oil needs to be sent for refining, that is to clear of foreign impurity and wax then to package and send for realization. Competent approach is necessary also at the choice of workers who will serve the technical equipment. The mini-creamery does not assume a large number of employees, so one person easily can cope with two units at once. The economy of shots is possible thanks to very simple control system of production equipment. By the way, many developers of the equipment check units in practice before realization – make an oil batch at plant. After that the new sample is represented to potential buyers, at the same time it is possible to learn simple actions of management of equipment at once.

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