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web studio
web studio

The idea is not new, but popular. Very large number of studios of web-design in Russia shows that it is very difficult to enter this market. In scales of Russia yes, there are large design offices, for example, as Artem Lebedev’s studio which take away lion’s part of expensive orders for creation of the websites and design in general of Advantage of idea of business: minimum investments (domain, hosting, advertizing); relevance of this business and great demand for creation of various websites. Shortcomings: the competition from web and design studios; We Advise you to begin with the web studio focused on needs of creation of the websites for the region. Why you have good chances of success: the number of the enterprises, the organizations constantly grows, and, therefore, also the need for the websites, information resources, portals, online stores grows; the organization of web studio does not demand extra charges on creation and business as you create electronic products which are paid by the customer; development of the Internet prompts recently (even already at each school there is an Internet – here to you and potential future customers of the websites – schools) that demand for web-design will increase considerably; The Internet is immense, many-sided, differentiated on various areas, you can concentrate the efforts to many, or choose one of them: websites business cards, websites; production of banners; imposition of models of the websites; production of logos, corporate style; registration of domains; promotion and optimization of the websites; production of CMS (control system and filling by data); online stores, etc. if you have knowledge in the field of web construction, then safely enter this market. Cases when even one webmaster can create and found own studio of design are known. He contrary to everything will occupy the niche in the sphere of web-design and will earn good money. Therefore solve and begin to be engaged in this business already now, take into consideration several councils which will help you to begin this business in the conditions of the modern market and rather strong competition. Organization of idea of business: For a start define what services, you will provide. There are web studios, webmasters who do just design and imposition of pages keep in html, register to the client the domain, pay from its money for a hosting, download html-pages and is ready. Generally it is the websites business cards. Just such website where it is specified that for the company what services provides, the address, contact phone, e-mail hangs on the Internet. Strangely enough, many customers and have enough. They do not need dynamically changeable content (changeable information filling of the website). They write the website address on the business cards, in various advertizing, offer clients in more detail on it (on the website) to examine services, to learn history of the company, etc. Therefore provide separate inexpensive cost on creation of the website business card, they so become quicker and easier, it is not necessary to potter with programming, dynamic change of contents, etc. If the company needs to make constantly changes to filling of content of the resource, to add various sections of the menu of the website, to constantly update news, then here you will not get off with the website business card. The control system of data – CMS is necessary. It is possible to go about two directions of creation and acquisitions of CMS. The first of them to support in the staff the programmer (language skills of html, css, xml, php, the server of the MySQL databases, the Apache servers) who will develop a control system of data and to pay its services in a corresponding way. Or to use alternative option, to use already ready paid CMS. And already to include purchase and control of such CMS in website cost. Now there are a lot of disputes around CMS what is better – own, or third-party developers? There are still options of use and free CMS, however they have a serious shortcoming – vulnerability. Therefore choose for yourself what option seems to you more conveniently and easier. Take into account opinion of customers about it. Thus, think over carefully the prices of the services, register the domain, you pay for a hosting and begin to create the business on the Internet. Make the beautiful pleasant website, tell about yourself, the services, the works, etc. Surely explain why it is better for client to address you that you provide different discounts, etc. Perhaps, for filling of a portfolio several works should be made free of charge. Give advertizing in local newspapers, distribute letters with the offer to make the website by e-mail of the local enterprises and organizations. It only in the big promoted studios, people come, but at the beginning of development of your business you should not count on it. Only inexpensive advertizing and offers will help to acquire to you the income.

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