How to combine a laundry and a coffee house?

Some ideas are so simple that sometimes it seems why nobody guessed them earlier? They lie just on a surface. It is possible to refer business of the Wash & Coffee company which guessed to one of such ideas to unite a coffee house with a laundry in Munich, Germany. This idea soared on a surface already for that simple reason that, visiting laundry, many people do nothing in them, expecting when their clothes are washed. Often they start conversations with a row sitting. Generally, everything, anyway, disposes to communication. How to make so that that time that people will see off waiting, was, first, for them not too viscous and at least slightly pleasant, and secondly, brought benefit to business (i.e. some income)? The answer was found the Wash & Coffe company. That time that people wait for until their clothes wash off, they will see off in the coffee house combined with a laundry, ordering sandwiches, rolls, tea or coffee. Here to you and the additional income to an institution, and the client it is not so boring to expect the end of washing. The institution Wash & Coffee is equipped with company washing and drying machines of the Bosch company. Besides, each client will find the huge choice of the detergents suitable for any kind of fabric. And if you also not too well understand process of washing from the washing machine, then for the aid to you the consultant ready to help at any time, to advise necessary detergent, the mode in the machine will go. When with washing everything becomes clear, and you pass into a waiting mode, comes it is a high time to make the order of some salatik or roll with coffee. Here it will also be possible or to sit alone, reading the favourite book behind a tea cup, or to communicate to someone who washes the clothes too. Wash & Coffee at the moment already acquired rather great popularity in Munich. And, the institution received huge public relations in the press due to the originality. Agree that not each cafe can brag of such advertizing. Anyway, but flow of clients just neskonchay. Unlike Russia in many countries of Europe and USA people prefer public laundries to storage of the house of the washing machine (of course, it is fair not for all). And Wash & Coffee is the excellent institution meeting their needs. At the same time It should be noted also creativity of the company. Periodically she gives recitals. During Halloween, for example. So fans to wash do it also is cheerful! Here such here business which lay on a surface, but was realized not so long ago.

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