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kuryerskaya slujba
kuryerskaya slujba

The organization of express business is simple and clear, however has some features and difficulties. The organization of the courier service which is engaged in delivery of small parcels and correspondence does not require considerable starting expenses. The organization of the business based on providing express services requires office with several phone lines, the computer equipment, vehicles. Some courier services offer the couriers for work in summertime bicycles, however it is more preferable to use cars. It is possible to hire couriers with own cars, however their salary will be higher, but you will have no additional costs of service of cars. The main rule – the car has to be presentable and corrected that will help to avoid delays and the related financial losses. At the initial stages of work it is necessary to be guided by the small territory of delivery. For example, the city with adjacent vicinities, the big district of the megalopolis. Most effective at the first stages of work to limit area of service to three hours’ journey on the car. Over time, when the vehicle fleet will be expanded, there will be a client base and the number of personnel will increase, the geography of service can be increased. It is necessary to pay attention to quality of the rendered services, it will allow business to develop and get profit quickly. Quality of service depends on the speed of acceptance and processing of the order, the delivery speed, safety of goods, and also a range of the provided additional services. Achievement of maximum efficiency of work will require harmonious work of all services of express firm. The main source of the income of the express company is payment by clients of the rendered services. Therefore search and customer acquisition becomes the main task at the first stages of work. Efforts should be made for involvement of big customers with constant large volumes of orders. Search of clients is conducted on the basis of personal contact with representatives of the companies. Besides, along with the personal presentation of services, existence of advertizing materials (business cards, calendars) is required. The advertizing company for advance of firm depends on financial opportunities. Good results are yielded by advertisements and phone calls to potential clients. For customer acquisition, representing small business, placement of announcements in mass media, phonebooks will become optimum advertizing. You should not forget also about advertizing on the Internet, creation of the website of the company will allow to attract additional clients. Key employees of service are couriers. Such work does not require special knowledge and abilities, however it is necessary to interest employees in dependence of compensation on delivery speed. According to the experts, the minimum sum of the starting capital makes three – five thousand dollars. At the minimum starting capital business of express services at accurate planning and the correct organization can make up to 90% of profit. In it, and also in fast payback of business its main advantages also consist. The businessman who will create the courier service providing timely and accurate delivery will be able to get high profit.

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