Delivery of the car for rent

sdacha avto v arendu
sdacha avto v arendu

At once we will warn that this business idea is not suitable for those who want to open very big agency which is engaged in a car rental. It will be suitable for small business in the region where there will be a suitable client base. This idea will cost much enough, but, It should be noted that this and quite favorable investment of financial means. So, in what an essence? You have to buy a certain number of cars in a good shape, pass THAT, pay an insurance. Now you can lease them under the power of attorney. Such business will be especially successful in the resort area during a suitable season. To organize the business, you need the ground equipped with a convenient entrance and communications. Here also your cars will be placed. It is also necessary to leave the place for the room in which the manager and several hired employees will work. They will protect your peculiar parking. After the idea with rent is realized, you can try to organize “autopawnshop”. Its essence consists that the person receives a certain sum of money for the car. That is the principle same, as well as at a usual pawnshop.

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