Cultivation of poultry

According to statistics, demand in Russia for fowl high. The prices are much lower, than on beef or mutton. The buyer prefers to get not frozen today, and fresh meat, local production. Will grow up that is why a bird rather favorable and profitable business. It is necessary to begin such business with registration of necessary documentation. Such enterprises register as Ltd company or as a farm. For breeding activity the site outdoors, far away from the city is chosen. And is closer to the city production for the purpose of receiving meat is placed to cut down expenses on transport transportations. To organize economy, it is required to receive an earth plot. Its sizes will be from the chosen technology. For example, cultivation of ducks requires existence on a reservoir site, and for geese there has to be a site where it is possible to nibble a grass quietly. Obtaining the reference from veterinary service is a necessary condition. Also the certificate which will be able to confirm quality of products will be necessary. Acquisition of young growth will be the following step. If you want that your economy was profitable, it is necessary to get from five hundred to eight hundred heads. Two or 3 persons therefore such type of business will be ideal for a family will look after birds. To acquire young growth, to buy incubators, the equipment for heating of chickabiddies, it is necessary to build rooms for a bird about six thousand dollars, it will depend on the chosen equipment, the prices of construction material for rooms and the prices of young growth which in different regions differ. You have to think over well what birds you will grow up. Ducks, geese and turkey-cocks do not demand considerable efforts on contents. Geese can sustain temperature to-25 degrees, but do not move drafts indoors. Their young growth needs to be grown up in the warmed rooms where temperature in the first days has to be plus, about 25 – 28 degrees. The area of hen house is counted proceeding from a bird species, considering that 1 square meter allows to support 2 turkey-cocks, 3 ducks or 4 geese. If decide to breed quails, then on 1 square meter it is possible to contain about 300 pieces, at the expense of cages in several tiers. Approach of a warm season allows geese to eat by means of a pasture, feeding up them compound feed or grain. Ducks quite omnivorous. Existence of a reservoir allows them to eat plankton. Quails are fed to 3 times a day, spending 30 g of compound feed. For optimum feeding of birds and providing them with clear water, feeding troughs and drinking bowls are necessary. And if you decide to breed a bird, then it is necessary to get nests and incubators. Cultivation of geese allows to receive not only meat, and also a feather, down and even a dung. Therefore, from each goose about 8 kg of meat and 600 g turn out. down. The sebaceous gland of a goose can be used in cosmetic production.

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