Cultivation of carps

Any business connected with food can make good profit. It belongs also to such idea of business as cultivation of carps. It is possible to grow up this kind of fish on own personal plot. The carp is perfectly adapted for life in the warmed-up, landlocked, superficial reservoirs. Moreover, the carp grows in small reservoirs much quicker that is connected with expenses much more of smaller amount of the energy necessary for search of food. At the same time the owner of such reservoir can organize care of fish with ease. Cultivation of a carp demands existence of a pond. The reservoir having the size of 4х6 meters and depth in 1,5 meters quite will be suitable for these purposes. In such pond during the summer period water perfectly gets warm up to the temperature equal to 24-26 degrees Celsius is the that temperature which is optimum for existence of fish. The pond of such sizes is capable to accomodate carps whose weight makes from 200 to 300 grams in number of several tens. The carp is omnivorous fish. Besides larvae of the insects getting to a pond and earthworms, the carp can be fed with tired grains bean and cereal. For example, for 20 carps started in a pond about 150 g are powerful, it is required in day from 100 to 120 grams of tired grain. Fish can be fed also with the compound feed intended for pigs and hens. It is better to give it in the form of the dense test which was previously replaced in a basin or a bucket. Fish in a reservoir on a personal plot should be fed 1-2 times a day, and it is desirable that feeding constantly happened at the same time. Many owners of ponds with carps just before feeding even ring a hand bell in order that at fish the conditioned reflex was developed. It is connected with the fact that when fish eats in one place, she finds a forage quicker, acquires it better. Besides, the forage in that case does not manage to sour. For implementation of feeding it is possible to make a special little table pallet which can be lowered in a reservoir of galvanized iron and to lift from it. And such table will allow to exercise control of how slaves eats a forage. It is possible to get for cultivation of little carps whose weight makes 100 grams in fish breeding farms. Having started them in a pond in the early spring, late fall their weight will reach already 500 grams. Purchase of carps in number of 100 pieces will cost approximately 10 dollars, forages for them 40 dollars. Taking into account an other necessary expenses total cost will make about 70 dollars. The cost of one kilogram of a carp makes about three dollars today. Thus, hundred carps will bring in the income in 150 dollars. Taking into account the incurred expenses the profit will make 80 dollars.

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