Coffee house with board games

Perhaps, restaurant business is one of the most interesting in the world by quantity of various curious variations. Such variation is also the coffee house from Canada (Toronto) Snakes and Lattes using rather old idea in the basis – to combine drinking of coffee behind game in board games. At first sight the idea of Snakes and Lattes can seem old-fashioned. To some extent so it also is. Before similar institutions in the USA and Canada there was a great variety. But today all of them are focused on the free wireless Internet and the visitors sitting on it from the iPhones or laptops. From thousands of such cafes Snakes and Lattes it is sharply distinguished with the concept. The main idea is in uniting people around board games, such as “Mafia”, “Monopoly” or Mouse Trap (all in cafe well to about 1500 various board games for every taste). In the course of game people have to approach among themselves, communicate and derive a maximum of pleasure from stay in this institution. Generally, good collective rest in a similar institution is guaranteed. Already now Snakes and Lattes enjoys wide popularity. And though creators do not open figures about the income, but constantly note that they are happy with the business. It is possible to understand them. In our world of digital communication where most of people are attached to the computer, such institution with real-life communication is to some extent a breath of fresh air. The most interesting in this business is its concept. Communications behind a coffee cup by means of a simple board game. An opportunity for the person to perfectly spend time in the company of friends or colleagues. At the same time in Snakes and Lattes familiar games are used universal and all. However it is possible to go further. The similar idea quite well gives in to development. For example, nobody prevents to make a coffee house which will be concentrated around a certain group of people. For example, it is known that in Russia gamblings, such as Magic The Gathering, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, Warcraft and many others enjoy sufficient popularity. The coffee house around community of such players can become the excellent place. Though, of course, not such mass as Snakes and Lattes. It is already closer to club on interests. But idea in itself quite working. And in the USA similar institutions already exist. In Russia with such business, of course, there are certain problems. First, the general board games as in Snakes and Lattes at us just do not enjoy special popularity. And therefore if to do similar business, then it is necessary to move towards clubs on interests. One of options are just such playing cards like Magic The Gathering. At least, on them in Russia there is a set of clubs in which professional players (and those who want to become them) train, hold small competitions, are bought by cards and so on. Generally, business can be made. But if to think, then for certain it is possible to find still some communities of people with something similar. Only it is unlikely they will be so numerous. As the culture of board games in Russia is not really developed. But and some developers under Mac OS X in Russia receive more than the fellows on the world of Windows though their OS and owns a pathetic share in the market.

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