Cleaning of footwear of microbes

ochistka obuvi ot microbov
ochistka obuvi ot microbov

Sterilization (disinfecting) by means of ultraviolet rays is used long ago and in different occasions. And in the Shoe Care Innovations company, seemingly, the first guessed to adjust release of personal household UF-sterilizers for footwear. It is expected that the SteriShoe device will be useful for sufferers with the diseases of legs caused by microbes and to citizens whose footwear exhales an unpleasant smell.

SteriShoe is the electric device placed in footwear and irradiating its interiors with the rigid ultraviolet which is let out by a special lamp. In usual conditions this radiation which is given rise by the Sun does not reach the Earth’s surface because of its atmosphere. And if it works on live organisms, then very quickly deprives of them ability to breed. The SteriShoe developers assure that daily 45-minute procedure of sterilization without any chemicals will support our footwear sterile from within, very strongly preventing to live 99,9% of microbes. At the same time it will be almost impossible “to pick up” from the infected footwear a fungus or other microbes causing an itch or other troubles again. Besides, the footwear will be pure from bacteria whose waste products so in a disgusting way stink. That the ultra-violet radiation of the device did not do much harm to eyes, skin or other places of the user, the priborchik has sensors which will allow to work with SteriShoe only in the dark of a boot and in the correct situation. For open footwear, like sandals, “procedural” bags are provided. SteriShoe price – $130. So far the shoe sterilizer is on sale only in North America, but Shoe Care Innovations reports about work on an entry into other markets. Unfortunately, SteriShoe – will not make footwear absolutely pure and fresh just because the device deletes nothing from a boot (and it both dust, and salts of the dried sweat, and dead microbes, and already collected smelly substances). But an initiative to make footwear very correct is purer and more comfortable, you see. The main thing that usability and efficiency of the device of cleaning of footwear of microbes were in balance with its price.

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