Business on labels of a packing container

Pat Dzhakobson constructed the successful business on old labels from an empty packing container. Everything began about 30 years ago when it began to collect labels on boondocks of shops to decorate with them naked walls of the modest dwelling. Later the friend told it that it is possible to earn from it and acquainted with the woman from San Francisco who sells similar labels at 100 dollars. Pat Dzhakobson decided to go round all printing printing houses and kartonazhny factories of the coast to collect the labels which are available for them. At that time, factories were glad to get rid of old labels because since 1960 for packing cardboard boxes began to be used, and old unnecessary labels became dusty at them in warehouses. Dzhakobson returned to San Francisco and sold part of collected labels for several hundreds of dollars, and also found to himself new dealers on labels. Business on labels went uphill. The doubtful hobby began to bring in the good income and turned into successful business. Dzhakobson wrote several books on stories of label art, the lithographed press and collected the biggest collection of labels in the world. In its collection there are rare copies which cost 5000 dollars apiece. But also now, in spite of the fact that Dzhakobson is the largest supplier of labels, he considers the business as collateral and continues to practise music and to write books, besides it opened the new company Millennium Art Glass Company on training in stained glass art and drawing at glass. Generally, it does everything that is pleasant to it and brings pleasure.

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