Business on collecting waste paper

sbor makulaturi
sbor makulaturi

There is a weight popular and not really – ways to earn money. Collecting waste paper – one of not the most not difficult, but the least widespread way to be enriched. This business works by the principle: bought for cents – sold for decent money. It, of course, is surprising, but being engaged in this business, some earn up to 50 thousand dollars in a year of net income. You do not trust? In vain. Let’s sort this way to earn money from A to Z. You decided to organize the business in this direction. As you think whether it is favorable to the overworking enterprises to buy waste paper and at what price they will buy it from you. Of course, it is favorable as the full-fledged raw materials cost considerable money. Many enterprises are ready to pay decent money for such raw materials as waste paper. For example, 1 ton of a newsprint with the press costs about 50 dollars, 1 ton of a cardboard – 75 dollars, and qualitative offset – to 120 dollars for ton. According to statistical data in Ukraine spend 100 million tons of paper a year, in a money equivalent it is 4 billion dollars. These are newspapers, advertizing leaflets, a packing container and many other things. And what we do with this paper? Generally we throw out on garbage, some of us put all unnecessary paper in a secluded corner. And if is where to hand over the fulfilled paper, then your business will never suffer crash. For the organization of the, initially, small business for collecting waste paper you should not invest money in the expensive equipment. For this purpose you will need the car with the trailer, or manual, some, the cart. Your direct income will depend on the spent time for collecting waste paper and on whether well you will organize the source of the income. First, it will be necessary to solve what scales your business. If small (as additional earnings), then for a start it is necessary to organize the place of warehousing of collected waste paper (garage, a shed, giving). If it is your main business, then it is necessary to think of more suitable place of storage (it is possible to rent warehouses, hangars, the empty shops) with convenient entrances, and also to carry out employment of people who will collect waste paper for you. Compensation of such workers averages 20 dollars for 1 ton. In both cases you should carry out an advertizing campaign. To make and stick announcements of reception of waste paper. Besides, it is necessary to pave the way to start work, having informed the people living in multi-storey buildings. To visit the enterprises (in each accounts department there is a lots of unnecessary papers) and to agree about reception of waste paper. And then people and the enterprises will prepare and collect paper only for you. Your business it is considerable to be enriched if you choose several constant places of acceptance of waste paper. And still it is possible to organize stationary point of acceptance. Ideal place for this purpose gas station. To hang out several plates with an inscription about acceptance of waste paper, we will allow at the price of 20 cents for kilogram (30 dollars for ton). But you will not be engaged in search of waste paper, it to you will be brought. Organize good advertizing. Advertize constantly in the most readable local newspaper in collecting waste paper and employment. The best time for an advertizing exit it Thursday through Saturday. People do the cleaning of the houses and workplaces at this time. Using that your activity on a straight line is connected with improvement of ecology in the area, and also with saving of the woods, try to organize free advertizing on local television. Prove that your business is useful to society and people who take part in it bring very big benefit, to both the society, and national economy. Prepare articles with the description of all ecological and public advantages of your business. Place it in the local press. And people to you will stretch. You will become not only the successful businessman, but also very popular person in your city.

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