Business idea – an artificial rainbow


This business idea will be to the taste to the one who is going to open, for example, shop of elite or unusual gifts and goods. The modern world really has no borders, and people give each other already both stars, and sites on the Moon, and islands. Perhaps sometime will be possible to present a rain on birthday. At least, to organize the real multi-colored and looking quite naturally rainbow already really. Usually Mother Nature decides when we are able to see a rainbow. Also agree, it occurs extremely seldom. We pull each other sleeves and we speak – look, a rainbow! As it is beautiful! This show it is rather fascinating. Michael Jones Makkin (Michael Jones McKean), professor of one American college and in combination the artist, “does not differ in patience and is not capable to wait when the nature needs to show a rainbow” (as he claims) therefore he decided to invent the car which would make a rainbow only one click a rychazhka. And he invented it. Professor Makkin studied a rainbow and made various experiments since 2002. And, eventually (by 2010!) its works were crowned with success – the invention of the real car making an artificial rainbow. The artificial rainbow is not worse real, at the same time it has an advantage – it is ready to please a human eye at any time. “Perhaps you, of course, thought what after 8 years of studying of a rainbow, I will think up artificial, going down from the moon? – Makkin jokes. – No! Only from the Earth’s surface”. “The car on production of an artificial rainbow of Makkin consists of jet pumps and specially designed noses which spray a dense wall of water in the sky. If you know, the rainbow is the rain veil lit with the sun. You can see this wonderful phenomenon, watering, say, plants in a garden. But an artificial rainbow from Makkin’s car – more impressive sizes equal natural. It should be noted that the car “on production of a rainbow” made success in the American market. It not only an original gift, but it also a way to draw attention of consumers. So, on a roof of one of shopping centers in the State of Nebraska such car on production of an artificial rainbow was installed, and now the center daily within 15 minutes gives to people pleasure to see the rainbow which is going down directly from a building roof.

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