Business – cultivation of strawberry

Business on cultivation of strawberry – demanded and profitable, especially, if it is about its functioning for round year. The idea of year-round cultivation of strawberry is not new at all. Still scientists of the Soviet Union were engaged in development of this technology, but it was not finished. And here in the west of it quite successfully realized and realized. The main advantages of this type of business are lack of need of existence of any special skills, the equipment, lack of the competition, a possibility of the organization of business in house conditions. Landing of strawberry does not occupy the big space, it grows in the plastic bags containing a special substratum. To grow up strawberry the room for a plantation, from several square meters in which there is opportunity all the year round to maintain room temperature is required. Also plastic bags will be necessary for cultivation of strawberry. They are welded from a white polyethylene film which thickness makes 0,2 millimeters, length – from 200 to 220 centimeters, diameter – 16 centimeters. Bags need to be filled with the substratum consisting of well moved the earth and elementary fertilizers. Along the bag filled with a substratum in chessboard order it is necessary to make openings for landing. Such openings become in four vertical rows and have the size from 7 to 8 centimeters, at the same time the distance between them makes 22-25 centimeters. Bags should be established directly on a floor. If height of bags is not really big, then it makes sense to make over them the second tier. At the same time bags which are located from above it is necessary to suspend on the additional support capable to keep the weight of equal 30 kg/sq.m. Such weight one bag with the substratum moisturized with water has on average. Bags need to be established by ranks. On average from 2 to 3 bags have to fall on 1 sq.m. For giving of food it is necessary to build self-made irrigating system from tubules of a dropper. Through each 50 centimeters on height it is necessary to bring three tubules to each bag: to its top, lower and average parts. At the same time the top ends of droppers should be connected to the distributive pipeline placed over bags. The volume of nutritious solution needs to be counted so that in days about 2 liters of solution were the share of each bag.

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